Lego Sets List! Walmart Clearance Alert!

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Walmart Clearance Lego Sets List!

We have a Lego Sets List that have been clearanced recently at Walmart. And these Lego Building Sets on Sale make great gifts for kids or donation items for the toy drives coming up. Furthermore Just remember with Walmart Clearance it is your mile may vary and may not be at every store. So take a look below at the Walmart Clearance Lego List we compiled below. And then click the link at the very bottom of this post to search your local area with the sku numbers. Additionally you can head to your local store and scan, scan, scan!

Lego Sets List:

  1. LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport- REG $50 now $1.20 sku: 688285371
    2. LEGO Disney Frozen II Anna’s Canoe Expedition- REG $20 now $4.48 SKU: 854902413
    3. LEGO Minions Minions Kung Fu Battle- REG $40 now $9.99 SKU: 461508337
    4. LEGO DC Wonder Woman vs Cheetah- REG $40 now $3.50 SKU: 517707049
    5. LEGO City Fire Command Unit- REG $60 now $12 SKU: 987387833
    6. LEGO DC Mobile Bat Base- REG $90 now $10 SKU: 137378250
    7. LEGO Marvel Shang-Chi Escape from The Ten Rings- REG $30 now $7.50 SKU: 996467196
    8. LEGO City Race Buggy Transporter- REG $20 now $4.48 SKU: 298310265
    9. LEGO City Police Patrol Boat- REG $60 now $12 SKU: 271881841
    10. LEGO City Family House- REG $60 now $12 SKU: 359515475
    11. LEGO Creator 3in1 Monster Burger Truck- REG $50 now $5 SKU: 377617845
    12. LEGO NINJAGO Jay’s Cyber Dragon- REG $50 now $5 SKU: 880102219



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Lego building sets on sale at Walmart is the perfect time to grab some for Christmas. So hurry to your local Walmart to look for these clearance prices. But remember this is your mile may vary and may not be at every store. Above all Happy Hunting!