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Dollar General Lounge Chairs only a PENNY HOT Member Find!!!!!!!

Dollar General is known for their Penny Items that normally happen on Tuesdays.   Even though we just had a nice list of Penny Items for this past Tuesday, it is always nice to come across additional Penny Items to search for!   If you are in the marker for some new Lounge Chairs, check out this HOT deal from Dollar General below!


Make sure to take that extra trip to Dollar General if you have seen these Foldable Lounge Chairs in your stores!   Thanks to Dollar General Penny Shopper Mara for sharing her find with us on these chairs!   They rang up for only a PENNY!!!!  With Summer items hitting the shelves, now is the time to look for last years repeat items with the Penny price!   Check your stores for these Lounge Chairs with the UPC- 097529141758.   As always, with Penny Items, YMMV with in store quantity!