Lowes Glitch Online Got This Couple ARRESTED! See How!

Lowes Glitch Online This Couple In HOT WATERLowes Glitch

Just Recently A New Jersey couple was arrested after allegedly exploiting A Lowes Glitch in the system for Lowe’s Home Improvement store that allowed them to Allegedly steal and then resell online more than $250,000 worth of items, authorities said. This Lowes glitch  seems to be much more then a pricing error as the couple had exploited a gap in the system that allowed them to order items online for FREE and have them shipped to there home for FREE.

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Some of the bigger ticket items – many of which were still in the box — recovered by police included:

  • A stainless steel Weber grill
  • An aluminum gazebo
  • One Honda lawn mower
  • An LG portable air conditioner
  • A Dewalt Power Washer
  • Multiple boxes of Ugg boots
  • A 70” Vizio LED smart TV
  • A Sony stereo surround sound system with 4 speakers
  • One Nikon D5000 camera
  • Three Dyson Ball vacuum cleaners
  • Multiple boxes of disassembled furniture
  • Approximately $2,500 worth of Victoria’s Secret underwear

We would love to know your thoughts about this Lowes Glitch. Many of us take advantage of glitches but to what extent and what is going to far?

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