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Free Kids Workshops at Lowe’s!

If you have small kids, you know it’s great to get out of the house and find fun exciting things to do with them. Now we found something fun, creative and FREE! Every month you can sign up for a free DIY Lowe’s kids workshop! This workshop comes with all the part needed to complete the craft. Not only is this something for you to do with your kids but it also teaches them new handy skills. With the supervision of a parent they get to use a hammer, screwdriver, wood glue and paint! Every month there will be a new DIY workshop you can attend.

DIY Kids Workshops

Every month Lowe’s will release what the upcoming month free kids’ workshop will be. These workshops usually corresponding with something that goes along with the month. Like Aprils workshop is a See it Grow Planter Kit. And May’s free kids workshop with be a feed your feather friends Bird Feeder Kit. They even do kits for mothers day and all the big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each month the day after the previous workshop is when you can reserve your spot for the upcoming month. They do have limited number of spots that way they can make sure they have enough supplies for all the kids attending.

These workshops can be done at Lowe’s with an instructor between the hours of 9am-12pm on the designated day, or you can sign up to pick up your Lowe’s kids workshop at the customer service desk and do the DIY project at home. These kits will include all the pieces you need, but any tools needed for the project you’ll have to have at home. Afterwards, yours kids will have a craft they made on their own to be proud of and show off, plus so new handy skills!

Sign up now for Lowe’s kid’s workshop!

These Lowes kids workshops are fast and easy to sign up for. Simply goes to the Lowe’s Workshop page and select the kids DIY workshop that you’d like to attend. They you will either sign in or create an account. You’ll select what Lowe’s location you’d like to attend. Then you’ll fill in how many kids spots you need to reserve. You must make a reservation for each month’s DIY workshop and they do have a deadline you have to sign up buy. Don’t forget to tell your friends. These are fun FREE events for everyone to enjoy. These workshops are designed for kids ages 4 and up. But they are something all kids can do with the help of a parent. Now you have a fun free craft day out with the family!

Lowe’s workshop

Lowe’s not only offers their kids workshops, but they also offer workshops for adults! They have a mix of instore and livestream workshops making it easy to attend. These workshops cover all different types of projects from how to plant a tree, build your own garden pond, refresh your bathroom, to how to install flooring. Some of these videos are always available on Lowe’s website. That way no matter the time or project you’re working on you have a helpful guide available to you. Others are like the Lowe’s kids workshops where you have to sign up and go attend in person on a designated day.

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