Lysol Disinfecting Spray In Stock FREE SHIPPING & STORE PICK UP!

Lysol Disinfectant Spray In Stock Online With FREE SHIPPING!


Lysol Disinfecting Spray is one of the top selling brands for all your cleaning supplies!  So, if you need to stock up on Disinfecting Spray, grab this HOT deal on Lysol Disinfecting spray in stock with FREE shipping below!

Lysol Spray is currently in stock online at Sam’s Club! You can get a 3 pack of Lysol for $12.75 with free shipping for Plus members. This is the perfect amount to store in your house, give to teachers for the upcoming school year, or use at work!  Keep your house healthy with this Lysol Disinfecting Spray!  Last year we couldn’t see this spray in stores.  Grab this deal today!


About this Lysol Disinfecting spray in stock

This Lysol Disinfecting Spray will help protect you and your family from harmful germs.  Especially with school starting, and kids going back to being around other kids and bringing home germs!  This is a hospital-grade disinfectant that is set out to kill 99.9% of viruses.  There are many different items you can use this Disinfectant Spray on.  Use to disinfect frequently touched household surfaces like doorknobs, diaper pails, remote controls and light switches.  Or use on countertops, tables, and more!


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