Nestle Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Nesquik!!!

Nestle is one of the most popular sold beverage companies in every major retail store. There is a new Class Action Lawsuit against the Nestle Company specifically going against the Nesquik Milk Flavoring Products!

What kid doesn’t love chocolate milk?!  As a favorite milk add in, Nestle makes a few different add ins of Nesquik for that enriching flavor!  However according to this new Nestle Class Action Lawsuit,  they are being targeted for not labeling their products correctly.  Their product labels state they contain no artificial flavoring.  One of the main ingredients, specifically in the chocolate mix, is alkalized cocoa. Based on what this Class Action  Lawsuit says, alkalized cocoa is not pure or natural.  Do you purchase Nestles Nesquik products to consume in your household?   Check out the MORE INFO button below to follow this new Class Action Lawsuit against Nestle!