Nickelodeon Birthday Club FREEBIE for Kids!

nickelodeon birthday

Nickelodeon Birthday Club call to make your child genuinely happy

Arranging business meetings or launching a startup seems easier to you than throwing a birthday party for your kid? Have no idea how to surprise your little one on their special day? The Nickelodeon Birthday Club will have your back if your child is fond of Nick Jr. and has their favorite cartoon character.

Bright, positive emotions are the best gift you can give your kiddo. At Glitchndealz, we believe that creating a small miracle for your child’s birthday doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Receiving a Nickelodeon Birthday Club phone call from Skye and his Paw Patrol friends or any other beloved character of your kid will become one of the warmest and most memorable childhood events. And that will not cost you a penny.

Create a live fairy tale for your kid by joining Nick Jr. Birthday Club

Every parent wants to make their kiddo’s special day one to remember. But a tight budget can turn all these wishes into a pipe dream and make you feel overwhelmed. Don’t give in to these emotions because the red “Shop Now” button at Glitchndealz can become your godsend, redirecting you straight to the Nickelodeon Birthday Club

As a member, you can set up a free birthday phone call in advance to make your little one’s dreams come true. You could hardly imagine such an unusual gift in your childhood, but you can do it for your kid right now.

What you should do to receive a Nickelodeon Birthday Club phone call on the day you set it up for:

  • click the Shop Now button
  • schedule a call
  • pick your birthday caller
  • enter your personal info (parent details)
  • fill in a form about your kid
  • enter call delivery details
  • choose an on-demand or scheduled delivery method
  • confirm the details

When selecting a cell phone, you’ll get a text message as a reminder to get ready for the lovely surprise at the scheduled time. Your child will be in seventh heaven after receiving personalized birthday greetings from their favorite character. And don’t worry if your kiddo decides on a new cherished character, as you can go to the settings and update your birthday call information.

Schedule a Nickelodeon Birthday Club call

Even though kids’ birthdays often turn into turmoil for their parents, it will not happen to you with the right approach. The Nick Jr. Birthday Club offers a well-crafted rewards program that simplifies the preparation process in many ways. In addition to a customized call, you will be provided with wonderful birthday party-planning ideas, themed printable materials, and tips.

If you’re interested in some additional birthday freebies, we can help you find various restaurants and stores that offer gifts or impressive discounts. You can check out this extensive list of stuff that may look appealing to you and please your beloved child on their special day. We would be glad to help you find the best thing, considering your preferences and demands.



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