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Walmart 40 inch TV ONLY $9 Walmart Clearance!

Roku Smart TVs are great to have in the house!   If you are looking for a new TV, make sure to check your stores for this HOT deal on the Onn Walmart 40 inch tv!

This is one hot clearance deal you won’t want to miss!  Who doesn’t love TV Clearance finds!!!  We found this Onn walmart 40 inch tv for only $9 at Walmart. This TV is normally priced at $169. You can check your stores using the sku 571503102 and our inventory checker button below!   As always, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!  We were able to score this tv for $9 as a display model, and it has held up for us very nicely!  We paired it with a dvd player to watch movies.  And with the streaming of netflix we are able to watch other movies and tv shows in a blink of an eye!


Binge watch your favorite shows or movies with your new 40″ onn. Roku TV Full HD LED TV!  Stream the 500,000+ movies and TV episodes through thousands of free or paid channels available on this roku smart tv. This TV offers you USB, digital audio, and headphone capabilities allowing you to customize your listening or gaming experience. Plus, the onn. Roku TV serves all your media needs with HDMI and other shared connections.



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