Onn Wireless Bluetooth Speakers HOT Walmart Clearance!

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wireless bluetooth speakers

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are great to have in the house!  Use them for extra TV Sound, use for playrooms, dens, or just to have as music!  If you could use Wireless Bookshelf Speakers, check out this HOT deal available from Walmart below!


You won’t want to miss running to your stores for this Wireless Speaker Deal!  Right now the Onn Bluetooth Wireless Bookshelf Speakers have been clearance in stores!  What would normally cost $49.96 you can get for only $12.49 (possibly cheaper in your area!).  You can check your stores with the SKU 333299651 and our inventory checker button below!  As always, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance

prices and quantity!

Stream your favorite audio from devices with these Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, or connect directly through AUX cables. Choose these speakers and put them on any bookshelf, tv stand, on the walls or wherever you may want extra sound!  They can be connected through TVs, phones, ipads and more!  Use these speakers for outdoors while swimming in the pool, or blast music for your parties!  You can’t go wrong with Onn, especially with this price!



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