Ozark Cooler 45qt HOT Walmart Clearance!!!!!

Ozark Trail is one of the top selling brands from walmart for camping equipment, including Coolers!!!   If you are looking for a Cooler make sure to check your stores below for this HOT deal on the ozark cooler 45qt below!

Thanks to our member Rena for sharing her find on the Ozark Trail 45 Quart Coolers!!!!   These Coolers are originally $149 and she found them in her stores for just $35!!!!    You can check your stores with the sku 723401552.   As always, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!   Thanks for the share Rena!!!!

About This Ozark Cooler

Keeping your drinks and sandwiches cold is the first thing you want happening when your at the lake, out on the boat, camping, hiking and more!  With the insulation build to last, this Ozark Cooler will not disappoint. With its heavy-duty, flat-proof, all-terrain wheels that can roll on varied surfaces such as dirt paths, rocks, the beach makes it very easy to travel with!  It also has an Airtight super seal gasket to keep the cold in and the heat out!



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