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Ozark Cooler WITH Wheels NOW $45!!! (Originally $197)

Camping and beach season is fairly approaching.  We all know how heavy coolers can get once you add ice, food and drink.  This Ozark cooler HAS WHEELS!!!!


If your looking for an easy travel

cooler we have a hot in store clearance price for you!  The Ozark Trail 60-Quart High Performance Rolling Cooler is originally priced at $197 at Walmart but in stores are marked down to just $49!!  You can check your stores with the sku 312448638.  We also have found the 73 quart is also marked down in stores to $49!!! You can check your stores with that sku 49229408, however it doesn’t come on wheels.  As always ymmv when it comes to in store clearance prices and quantity!

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