Philips Wireless Ear Buds Huge Price Drop!

Philips Wireless Earbuds Huge Price Drop!


These Philips Wireless Ear Buds are perfect for on the go! Grab your pair at a HUGE Price Drop today! Check out the details below to score your pair!

These Philips Wireless Earbuds make listening to your favorite audio easy! These Buds are In-Ear and, True Wireless! So, you don’t have to worry about being attached to your device by those annoying cords! These Philips Wireless Earbuds are normally priced at $99.99. But, you can get yours at a FRACTION of the cost at Best Buy! Right now, these Ear Buds are ONLY $59.99!!! At almost 50% OFF, this is a Hot Deal! Go back to school with one of the year’s hottest items! Click the Shop Now button below to get your Philips Wireless Ear Buds today!



Philips Wireless Ear Buds Are Perfect For On The Go!

Philips is one of the top names in technology and, for good reason! They are known for their innovative technology. Also, for their sleek, comfortable design. These Philips Wireless Ear Buds were designed with a busy body in mind. So, you can listen to all of your favorite audio without being attached to your device by cords! No more worrying about tangling the wires. So, from the gym to your commute, you will stay connected. Listen to anything from podcasts to your lectures. All from anywhere, at any time. Multi-taskers rejoice!

These Ear Buds also have extended battery life. Get up to 110 hours of playtime with a single charge. The Portable carrying case also doubles as a charging dock for your Buds. The charge time for the Case is approximately 90 minutes.  When your Ear Buds run low, you can put them in the case for additional charges. So, your Buds recharge right from your pocket! Each full charge of the portable carrying case gives your buds 110 hours of power. So, you can worry less. And also, stay connected! These Philips Wireless Ear Buds are truly perfect for the busy body who is always on the move!