Piñata App- FREE $30 Gift Card and $20 Piñata Cash!

Piñata App- Earn Rewards For Paying Rent!

Piñata App is offering a FREE $30 gift card when you sign up AND a FREE $20 Piñata cash! Piñata App is the only app out there to give you rewards just for paying your rent and is free to use! This is a great way to earn some extra money throughout the year and use for Holidays or for emergency situations. Take a look below to see how the app works and sign up now for your bonus!

Piñata App gives you Piñata cash every rent day. Piñata cash can be redeemed for gift cards, goodies and more. Plus you will score exclusive coupons and deals for over 4,000 retailers online like CVS and more. Additionally refer friends for more Piñata cash! I have had this downloaded for a few months now, every rent day you just confirm you paid and get the Pinata cash. There is no confirming with your landlord or bank account. And the rewards vary from physical items like a coloring book, water bottle, and even coupons to use online for wine or food. Click HERE to sign up now.

Pinata App also has an additional feature where you can improve your credit score by paying your rent each month. For this offer you will need to confirm your landlord information and bank account information. If you struggle with low credit, you may want to give this a try!