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Pitbulls BANNED in this Major City!


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No love for pitbulls in this city! Three months after a pitbull claimed the life of a woman in Montreal, the city has passed it’s controversial ban.

City council voted Tuesday September 27, 2016 in favor of changes to its animal control bylaw that include a ban on new ownership of pit bull and pit bull-type dogs. The final vote was 37-23 in favor of the ban.

Under the new rules, new ownership of pitbull and “pitbull like dogs” is prohibited. The ban encompasses all 19 boroughs of the city of Montreal. Existing owners must meet a strict set of conditions.

The ban, which loosely covers American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers — no dog considered a pit bull can be adopted from Montreal shelters. All dogs that do not have an owner on the effective date of the ban October 3rd, are to be put to sleep.


The Montreal SPCA says they take about 2,000 dogs into their care each year. Of those, about 700 meet the city’s standard as a “pit bull”. Rescue groups have been working feverishly to find spaces for those pups in other shelters for them in Canada’s Western Provinces that do not have any sort of breed ban in place.

Protest has erupted from virtually all over world. Animal Rights activists, celebrities, even organizations like the American Bar Association have reached out to Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre to question the legality of the ban.  The Quebec Order of Veterinarians has a lodged a formal complaint against the ban, saying its members have the right to choose whether they want to euthanize a dog.

What are your thoughts? Is this necessary to protect people from dog bites and possible attacks? Will it just create more problems as people keep their dogs illegally?

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