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There is a new referral program out from RebatesMe where you can earn $20! This is for EVERYONE! RebatesMe offers up to 55% cash back for over 4,000 stores online. AND for signing up as a new member you score a $20 bonus! RebatesMe referral program offers cash back for stores like Home Depot, Michaels, Nike, OshGosh BGosh and more! Additionally if you download the browser extension you have a chance to earn an extra $8 bonus randomly.

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What is The Difference Between RebatesMe and the other Rebates Sites?

Glad you asked! While it is similar in some ways with other rebate sites. Like having a minimum cash back balance to score your bonus (this one is just $10!). RebatesMe offers cash back from some stores that other sites do not offer, Like Home Depot! For an extra $10 sign up bonus you have 365 days to earn $10 cash back to score the bonus! Some other sites only give you 90 days.

What stores does RebatesMe offer cash back for?

Some Referral Programs only offer you a $5 sign up bonus. Some as high as $30. Each one varies and each one is different. There are over 4,000 stores online to score cash back! The offers varies but score cash back from name brand stores like Macys, Sephora, JcPenney, Sears, Home Depot and more! You can view all those stores HERE! 

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