RebatesMe- FREE $20 Sign Up for EVERYONE!

RebatesMe Offers and Deals!

There is a new referral program out from RebatesMe where you can earn $20! This is for EVERYONE! RebatesMe offers up to 40% cash back for over 4,000 stores online. AND for signing up as a new member you score a $20 bonus! RebatesMe referral program offers cash back for stores like Home Depot, Michaels, Nike, OshGosh BGosh and more! Additionally if you download the browser extension you have a chance to earn an extra $8 bonus randomly.

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What is The Difference Between RebatesMe and the other Rebates Sites?

Glad you asked! While it is similar in some ways with other rebate sites. Like having a minimum cash back balance to score your bonus (this one is just $20!). RebatesMe offers cash back from some stores that other sites do not offer, Like Home Depot! For an extra $20 sign up bonus you have 365 days to earn $20 cash back to score the bonus! Some other sites only give you 90 days. Additionally you can cash out at just $10! Some Referral Programs only offer you a $5 sign up bonus. Some as high as $30. Each one varies and each one is different from the others. 

What stores does RebatesMe offer cash back for?

 There are over 4,000 stores online to score cash back! The offers varies but score cash back from name brand stores like Macys, Sephora, JcPenney, Sears, Home Depot and more! You can view all those stores HERE!  Additionally RebatesMe offers coupons you can use while shopping and each store has their own coupons to use online. Score BOGO deals, extra % off your orders and even free shipping.

So how do you sign up and earn your FREE $20 bonus?

Click the link above for your $20 bonus! The bonus is only valid through the link above. Once you have signed up just start shopping at your favorite stores and watch your cash back add up! This is a great way to shop all year long and let your account build up, then cash out near the holidays for extra spending money. You can cash out via PayPal, gift card or by check when you have a minimum of $10.

How Do I Earn Cash Back While Shopping?

Congrats on making your free account with RebatesMe! When you are ready to shop and start earning cash back on your purchases, you will need to make sure RebatesMe is tracking your purchases. First always begin each online shopping trips at RebatesMe, then follow their link to be redirected to the store you want to shop online at. By clicking through RebatesMe to the store, this generates a tracking link so they can track your purchases and how much you paid. This allows RebatesMe to give you cash back on every purchase from the stores mentioned above. Do not close the store website while shopping online, otherwise you will need to go back to RebatesMe and start all over. Additionally you can also download the browser extension if that is easier for you. When you are on a retailer site that RebatesMe supports, a little pop up will come up on the corner of your screen asking if you want to track your shopping. These are very handy if you are forgetful like I am, the browser extension comes in handy.