Robinhood HUGE DATA BREACH! Were You Exposed?

Robinhood users: HUGE data breach exposed millions of peoples information. Robinhood is a stock trading app that became popular by enticing new members with a free stock that could be worth up to $500. When you signed up you could have gotten Facebook, Apple. Tesla and more in free stock. But to sign up we had to enter our names, addresses, social security numbers and had to link a bank account if we wanted to sell our stock. On Monday Robinhood announced the data breach from earlier in the month for millions of users and said the hackers tried to bargain the information for money.

Robinhood has said that the information accessed was for 5 million email addresses, 2 million full names. Plus around 310 who had more of a serious breach exposed but did not say what was exposed. As of yet they have not informed those affected in this data breach. Click the link below to read more about this data breach.