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Dosh App- FREE $10 in Cash! Takes 2 Minutes!

Dosh App- Free $10 in Referrals!

Who wants an extra $10 from Dosh App?! You can EASILY score an extra $10! Treat yourself to lunch out or put it towards filling up your gas tank for that summer vacation! This is incredibly easy and takes only 2 minutes to do. Dosh app gives you cash back for online shopping but also in store shopping and eating out. When you sign up for the app you get a FREE $10 bonus. Plus when you refer friends you score another $10 bonus. There is a minimum of $25 to cash out, but if you refer friends that limit is easy to reach fast.


You’ll need to download Dosh app. Dosh is a FABULOUS cash back app that gives you cash back not just online but in store! I use it at places like Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts and tons more. You get the cash back within minutes of your transaction and can cash out quickly to PayPal or get your pick of many different free gift card options. GO HERE to sign up for Dosh. Under your account you will find the referral link or code to give out to your friends or drop here in the comments!

Recently Dosh has added over 10,000 stores to score cash back from both online and in stores. And they have even added new cash out methods like Venmo or Jelli for you to choose from. This app does not have a limit on referrals so feel free to share your link away and score a FREE $10 over and over!