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Save Money on Groceries With a Daily Grocery Coupons

Every year, billions of dollars in coupons go unused. That’s billions of dollars in savings down the drain.

Unfortunately, it’s no surprise why. We don’t always think about couponing as a sound financial strategy, something that can help us reach our family’s financial goals.

But who doesn’t like getting a little money back in their pocket? Whether it’s a few bucks or some solid savings, getting into the daily grocery coupon habit can have a great long-term payoff—literally.

Here’s why it matters.

The Benefits of Couponing Daily

According to research by Valassis, 90% of consumers use coupons in some way at least occasionally. And with the rise of digital coupons (with 31 billion e-coupons redeemed worldwide in 2019), it’s easier than ever to save money.

This is true for everything from major Black Friday Specials to everyday spending.

But it’s not enough to clip one or two coupons and throw in the towel. Couponing regularly has some great benefits—some obvious, and some less so:

Spend less money. The biggest advantage of couponing, of course, is that you’re saving money on what you buy. Ideally, you wouldn’t have to pay full price for anything, especially items you use on a regular basis!

Save for splurges. Every time you use a coupon for grocery store savings, you’re keeping money in your pocket for things you really want to buy, making those big purchases feel much more affordable.

Stockpile needed items. Staying on top of the coupon game means you’re more likely to find the right coupon for the right product at the right time. This in turn allows you to stock up on things you regularly use—like soap, toilet paper, and pantry staples.

Try new products for cheap. New brands and products love to offer deep savings on their initial production, encouraging shoppers to buy. This means that when you keep an eye on your coupons, you can score great discounts on new items that pique your interest.

Get discounts on top of coupons. This is the ultimate couponing win. When you’re in the habit of checking prices and coupons daily, you’re much more likely to catch store discounts that match up with your coupons for deep savings!

Create a financial-focused mindset. When you spend a few minutes a day considering your family’s savings, budget, and coupons, you’re also working to create smart spending habits that keep your finances top of mind—and make you savvier with your money, little by little.

How to Coupon Every Day

If your goal is to make couponing (and thus saving) a habit, it’s time to get organized and plan ahead. Especially if you’re going to reap benefits from it on a daily basis and save consistent money.


But that doesn’t mean locking yourself in your office for hours, or taking up couponing as a part-time gig. You can form a daily grocery coupon habit with a few simple steps:

Create a daily or weekly checklist. Just as with any new habit you want to form, you need to find ways to make couponing routine. Create a checklist for yourself to break this habit into smaller parts. Here are some example tasks:

  • Clip the latest paper coupons, and check online or through coupon apps for deals as well.
  • File new coupons, and throw out old ones that have expired.
  • Plan your weekly menu and identify any household products you need.
  • Create your weekly shopping list.
  • Match your coupons to your shopping list.
  • Use store fliers to identify discounts that line up with your coupons, including discounts with your grocery store reward card.
  • Go to the grocery. Have your store flyer, coupons, grocery store reward card, and shopping list handy.

Weave grocery couponing into other daily habits. Make this easy on yourself: many parts of the couponing process can be done while you’re invested in other things! Toss out old coupons while watching TV, or clip new ones while chatting with your family.

Regularly get others involved. If you’re trying to build couponing as a family financial habit, it’s a great idea to have your kids help as well. Let them plan the menu or clip relevant coupons throughout the week. You can also assign a couponing task to each member of your family.

Set clear daily or weekly goals. The best way to stick with a new habit is to set goals. These should be measurable things like saving $30, or using three coupons next time you shop.

Be on the lookout. Make it a habit to be on the lookout for coupons wherever you go. Check the clearance aisle for items to match to your coupons, or check for new coupons for grocery stores online.

Be cautious. As you develop this couponing habit, at no point should you be spending money on something that you don’t want or need. (Why waste the money you’re working so hard to save on something you can’t use?) A key part of the couponing habit is resisting temptation!

Get Into the Daily Grocery Coupon Habit

At the end of the day, couponing is a sound way to put money back into your pocket—but it also goes a step further. If you can incorporate the practice of saving into your daily routine, you can create a saving mindset to support your family’s finances in the long-term.

All you need to do is remember to have your coupon—digital or otherwise—ready to go at checkout. And that’s a great deal if we’ve ever seen one.

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