How to Save Money on Kids Toys This Year

 How This Mom Can Save Money on Kids’ Toys

Has anyone walked down the toy aisle of your local Walmart or Target lately? Toys are so darn expensive! And why? They’re primarily plastic in construction and not exactly made to last! Why spend $40, $50, $60 on something your child is going to play with for a few months before breaking it or growing out of it? Well, what if I told you that you didn’t have to? Yes, that’s right! Learn how to save money on kids’ toys just by using some very simple tips and tricks listed below.


Save Money on Kids’ Toys


Shop Clearance

Clearance is one of your best bets to getting great deals on toys. I encourage everyone to get in the habit of searching out the clearance every time you have a little bit of extra time at the store. Checking out the “end caps” or other specified clearance areas will often show you a treasure trove of marked down items! Keep in mind, most of these items are “YMMV” (meaning, “your market may vary”), so not everything will be the same at every store. It won’t even be the same day-to-day at the same store! This is why it’s a good idea to check every time you go in.


Some stores, like Target and Toys R Us, have annual clearance sales in addition to more sporadic “all the time” clearance. When these clearance sales roll around, you can get toys for 70 – 90% off! Often, these toys are still popular brands and styles from reputable manufacturers like Mattel, Fisher-Price and more. Often, they’re clearance for silly reasons. For example, they might be getting “new” packaging for the next season or something similar, thus the “old” style is clearanced out. We know kids don’t worry about packaging! Go ahead and grab it and save BIG.

The thing about shopping clearance is that you have to be committed to shopping for holidays and birthdays all year long. Because clearance often doesn’t happen all at once, you’ll be purchasing items a little at a time. You might score one toy one week, one a few weeks later, etc. Buying slowly like this not only allows you to really stretch your budget, but it beats dealing with the craziness of holiday shopping right before Christmas!


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Go for Generic

Some toys you just want the name brand of. Easy Bake Oven? I’d like mine to be the name brand one, please. But some toys, you can go for generic, and kids won’t know or care (especially when they’re younger). You can save big by purchasing “generic” Barbies, Hot Wheels cars, remote-controlled cars, baby dolls and more. Chances are, your four-year-old doesn’t care if it’s an actual Barbie brand doll; they care if it’s a fun new doll for them to play with. Go for generic and save big.

Another way to save big is to buy the name brand toy, but generic toy accessories. For example, if your child loves American Girl dolls, you can find size-appropriate clothes for the dolls pretty much everywhere. Target has My Generation brand, which is their American Girl equivalent. Amazon is overrun with all kinds of brands of clothes that will fit American Girl dolls, as well. And who wants to spend big money on tiny plastic Barbie shoes and polyester outfits? Buy generic of those and get them for a fraction of the price! If your little one wants that cool new Hot Wheels race track, get it. Then get generic or store brand cars that are compatible; you can find them at pretty much any store!


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Shop the Sales

Did you know that there are sales that can score you great deals on toys and games going on just about every single day of the year? It’s true! You can save big money without even leaving your house. The best part is that we do ALL the legwork for you. We have an entire team of bloggers that do nothing except search to find you fantastic deals. Every day, Yes We Coupon combs the internet finding fantastic toy deals from all kinds of stores! All you have to do is follow Yes We Coupon to stay updated on the new deals available each day. If you subscribe to our mailing list, they’ll be delivered to your inbox instantly!


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Buy Secondhand

There can be some awesome finds when you look for deals secondhand. Whether it’s garage sales, consignment shops, thrift stores and more, buying secondhand can easily and quickly save you at least 50% on name-brand toys and games. One thing to keep in mind when you’re buying secondhand is to check the toy to make sure it has not been recalled. Sometimes, toys will have recalls due to plastic pieces posing a choking hazard, etc. Most secondhand toys have not been checked for recalls. But as long as you are careful to check for those, you will be okay.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to leave your house to buy secondhand. Literally, everything has gone online, including garage sales! Check Facebook for yard sale groups near you. These groups are full of people selling everything that you would find at an in-person garage sale, including toys! The same rule applies to check for recalls, but in general, you’ll be able to find perfectly safe toys in great condition for huge discounts off the original retail price. Oftentimes, you can even find people selling items New With Tags (things that their children got for a gift but don’t play with, etc) at discounted prices!

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to save money on kids’ toys every day of the week. Whether you’re shopping clearance, buying generic, following Yes We Coupon to say up-to-date on the sales or checking out items secondhand, there are always ways to save. What are you favorite ways to save money on toys and games?

Save Money on Kids’ Toys. Learn how to save money on kids' toys with just a few simple strategies. Holiday shopping will be so much easier!

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