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Scotties Facial Tissue Paper 128 Sheets Box- Strong Soft & Absorbent 2-Ply Tissues Hypoallergenic Toxin & Fragrance Free Made for Everyday Comfort Face & Body Portable Napkins 3 Packs (Design Vary)

as of July 24, 2022 6:26 PM

Scotties Everyday Comfort 2-ply facial tissue is a soft, strong, and cost-effective choice for everyday sneezes, sniffles, tears, and makeup removal. Scotties Everyday Comfort 2-ply facial tissue is designed to fit your lifestyle and is available in a variety of box designs and sizes to fit in any room of your home. Scotties 2-ply facial tissues will keep noses content and comfortable. Tissues that are strong, soft, and fragrance-free. You don't have to sacrifice your strength in order to have soft tissue that is gentle on your skin. Scotties Everyday Comfort facial tissues are made of two gentle, hypoallergenic layers that will not tear or irritate your skin. The line between being soft but weak and being strong but abrasive is thin. Scotties 2-ply tissues provide the best of both worlds. Hypoallergenic Facial Tissues to Conquer Anyone's Cold.