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VANIDOX Carbonic Acid Shampoo for Men and Women - Made in USA - Supports Hair Growth and Healthy Scalp -...

VANIDOX Carbonic Acid Shampoo for Men and Women - Made in USA - Supports Hair Growth and Healthy Scalp -...

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Simfort Shampoo Reviews

Great Shampoo…Really Impressed With The Cleanliness Of Our Hair! Takes just about a dime sized portion imulzified in the palm of the hands to get a great lather. We do this twice each time letting it stay in our hair for about three minutes each. Wife and I both love this and beginning to see a difference already. Really believe in the effectiveness of the carbonic acid for getting the pores of the scalp cleaned out.

So far so good Product gives soft hair with extra volume. Read carbonic acid may unplug follicles, giving added growth. Haven’t noticed this yet but only used for two weeks.


Good shampoo Have not been using long but cleans hair effectively. Time will tell if hair starts growing back.

Had no expectations but Lathers right up like no shampoo ive ever used before, dime size will do
My hair feels completely different almost like a babies hair. Its great
I have noticed my scalp feeling like it has more sensation almost like a waking limb when you fall asleep on your arm. Very slightly
No expectations here but heres to hope it helps with thinning hair its been less than a week so and theres some a noticeable effects so far
I am rather impressed tbh i believe 110% this is worth the extra money and will be buying again for sure
Smells great
Give it a try atleast, youll be surprised

Simfort Shampoo FAQ

What Is Simfort Shampoo?

Simfort shampoo is made with natural and organic ingredients that combined together make your hair stronger and much healthier. It is designed to be used by both men and women. Simfort claims that the shampoo cleans your hair without stripping it off its natural oils.


Is Simfort Shampoo Worth It?

There are definitely mixed reviews on this Shampoo. The reviews are around 50/50 as far as good and bad. The best answer I can offer is to make your own judgement on Simfort Shampoo based on reviews and/or trying it for yourself.

Is Simfort shampoo a scam

This is the big question. Some will tell you that it is way over priced and there are alternatives that have the same ingredients in them that offer the same benefits. I have not personally tried this shampoo and have no researched it. I do not think it is a scam as far as what the company claims it can possibly do but as far as price that is the question.