Sterilite Totes 18 gallon ONLY $1.50 at Walmart! CHECK TODAY!

Sterilite Totes 18 gallon ONLY $1.50 at Walmart! CHECK TODAY!


Sterilite is one of the top selling brands for all your plastic storage needs.  Right now, Sterilite is marking down their totes!  If you are looking for Sterilite Totes 18 gallons, check out this HOT in store Walmart deal!!

Thanks to our member Michelle for sharing her in store clearance

find with us!  You can check your stores with the sku 325759313.  These sterilite totes in 18 gallons are just shy of $8.  However some stores have them marked down to $1.50! As always YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!  We were able to score 10 of these Storage Totes and love them!  They are very durable for everything that we store.  A few have some school projects and pictures, others have camping equipment and some have holiday inflatables!  We would recommend these totes to anyone looking for good storage!

About These Sterilite Totes in 18 Gallons

Take advantage of that storage space in basements, garages, or attics with Sterilite’s rugged line of totes. These feature durability and strength. Store away camping supplies, sporting equipment, and seasonal items in more challenging environments. These totes are rugged and impact resistant even in colder temperatures, making them ideal for more active storage needs. 


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