Target Car Seat Trade In Event

Target Car Seat Trade In Semi Annual Event

Are you looking for a cheap new Car Seat? If so you do not want to miss this years Target Car Seat Trade-In Event. Target is the best place to shop for everyday items, as well as baby items and car seats! This Target Car Seat Trade in event happens twice a year and is a great way to score a new baby item you need. Trade in all your old expired seats and booster seats to score your coupon!

Starting April 16th you can trade in an old Car Seat and receive a coupon for 20% off coupon. Use this coupon on a new car seat, stroller, or baby gear item. This is in-store only, and going through April 29th 2023. Go to Target to trade in your old Baby Gear and get your Special Coupon to save on a new one!! Simply head to your local Target store. Drop off your old car seat in the provided bins and scan the code on your mobile phone. Then simply add the coupon to your account! Shop other deals like this.

Targets Trade in has recycled over 20 million pounds of car seats. I did not realize car seats expired after so many years but they do in fact expire and it is illegal to continue to use. This is why Target has started their trade in so you can score a new one or a stroller. Your 20% off coupon can only be used once so make sure to choose wisely! This coupon expires on May 13th, make sure to spread the word so your friends can score too!


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