Target to Pay $8.2M in Class Action Lawsuit Geared Towards Their Debit Card

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Do you have a Target Debit Card?  Target gives great incentives to owning one, but is it more of a hassle?  Target is currently paying out $8.2 Million in their Class Action Settlement towards their Target Debit Card.

If you own one of their debit cards and have made a return payment with the cars between June 29th 2012 through December 2and 2019, you’ll want to check those statements!  According to this claim, Target did not refund or waive a return payment fee that customers found on their statements!  According to the way Target sells their Debit Cards, it’s just like a regular bank debit card.  The purchase will go through if you have the money in the bank, or it will get denied, however regular debit cards don’t usually charge fees for returns made with that form of payment.  If you own a Target Debit Card, you may be getting money back.  There is no form for this claim, however you can click the more info button below to find out what will happen next!



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