Target to Pay $5 Million In Penalties For Overcharging Customers!

Target Has Agreed to Pay $5 Million in Penalties for Overcharging Customers on Their App!

Target just got into trouble for misleading prices on their app. When customers would walk into Target, sometimes the prices of items would change to offer a new price but failed to show how to get items at the low price. The app would show a lower price while in store was higher, which mislead and frustrated customers. This lawsuit was filed in California and as a result of the settlement, Target is prohibited from changing prices based on customers locations.

In addition to not being able to change prices based on location, Target also must show how to get the item for the lower price when in stores. Also Target must pay $5 million in civil penalties over the prices advertised in app. What do you think about this? Has Target offered you a lower price in app once you went in stores? Read more about this Target News Story at ABC7 News.