Tide Power Pods 10x Heavy Duty FREEBIE at Walmart!!

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Tide Tide Power Pods 10x Heavy Duty are one of the most popular purchased Laundry Detergent items sold at all major retail stores, both in stores and online.   So, if you use Tide Pods you won’t want to miss out on this HOT deal available below!

Walmart Kiosk Centers are giving away FREE samples of Tide Power Pods 10X Heavy Duty!  Here is how to get this deal!  You only need to have a cell phone with the Walmart app downloaded to it!   So, first, Scan your code.  And then your phone and out will come a Sample of the newest Tide Power Pods!   Check your local Walmart stores for the Kiosk centers to get your freebie!  These Tide Pods are perfect for little kids who love to play outside and get extra dirty!  Check your stores for this HOT freebie!

About The Tide Pods 10x Heavy Duty

These Tide Pods are designed to clean fabrics down to the tiniest level.  The Tide Heavy Duty 10X Hygienic Clean Power PODS removes both visible and invisible dirt from your garments making all your clothes the cleanest they cab be!  Each Pod has 10 concentrated cleaning actives.  Also Tide Heavy Duty Pods are known for the number 1 stain and odor fighter detergent.  Each pods will get between fibers to clean hidden dirt you don’t see!

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