Tile Pix 60% OFF!

Tile Pix Walgreens

If you are looking for the perfect gift, but are having trouble finding it, check this out.  Pictures are a great option for gift giving.  Right now you can score tile pix for a great price.

This week 11/28 to 12/4 at Walgreens you can get Tile Pix for 60% OFF!  I just tried it out to see how it worked.  I did the 3 pack, normally $44.99.  I used Code: 60TILEPIX at checkout, and that dropped the price to ONLY $18 for three Tilepix.  If you need multiple Pix, the 3 pack averages $6 each.  A single Tile Pix is normally $19.99, with code it drops to $7.