Top 10 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Are you looking for ways to Save Money while traveling?  According to some surveys, people spend anywhere between travel $4,000 to $6,600 on a vacation.

While this might seem like a lot to pay for a vacation, there are ways to save money and have an enjoyable vacation at the same time.

If money is a little bit tight this year but you need a vacation to relax and de-stress, check out these money-saving tips!

1. Limit Your Eating Out

When you go on vacation, a lot of the money you spend will go toward buying food when you eat out. In a new place, of course, you’ll want to try every new food and experience you possibly can.

But you can help to save money by moderating how much you actually go out to eat. Set a budget before you travel on how much you can afford to eat out. Try to include any taxes, tips, or drinks that you’ll end up getting.

Some places are definitely cheaper to eat than others, but nothing will be cheaper than buying your own food and making it yourself. Even if you don’t have a full kitchen in your accommodation, you should still be able to make a few things.

2. Prioritize Your Packing

A lot of airline carriers will charge you for bigger bags or for bringing more bags.

This is when it’s important to prioritize what you really need to bring. If you don’t have enough space, try fitting in as much as possible into a backpack or another carry-on.

Bringing a carry on means that you won’t have to pay to check a bag, and it’ll also lower the risk of the airline losing your bags.

3. Look for Free Things to Do

When you do get there, try and find some free things that you can do.

Many tourist attractions require you to pay a small fee, and a lot of them end up adding up. However, there should be plenty of free things you can do that will keep you busy.

4. Travel During the Less Busier Season

When you start making arrangements, try traveling in the offseason.

Traveling during the busy season means that everyone will jack up prices. Not only will you have to pay a lot more to get where you want, but when you get there, there will also be crowds of people.

You might  in some colder weather, but sometimes it can be a nice change of pace!

5. Stay in a Hostel

When you make accommodations, many people look immediately for hotels or Airbnbs, but hostels can provide a great (and cheap) experience as well!

Hostels also give you the chance to meet new people and make connections you otherwise would’ve never had.

Through the hostels, you may be able to try other foods or experiences that you wouldn’t have had access to beforehand.

6. Be Smart With Your Souvenirs

Many people buy a souvenir from their trips as something to remember their experience by.

However, many souvenir shops know that tourists will pay high prices for easy-to-make souvenirs.

You should wait to buy your souvenirs until the end of the trip so that you make sure you’ve had a chance to see all kinds of different prices and options out there. That way you save your money for something that you really want, and it can also save you money.

7. Keep Your Itinerary in Mind When Booking Flights

Booking flights might be one of the more expensive things when it comes to traveling.

No one really knows when to find the lowest prices for airplane flights, but many people say that they’ve seen the cheapest options on a Tuesday. Try to avoid booking travel on a weekend because this is when prices are higher.

If you search around online, you might even be able to find coupons for your flight to lower the cost even more.

You should also be strategic when booking your flights. If you’re going to fly somewhere else once you get to your destination, try to see if it’s cheaper to have a layover somewhere rather than getting a direct flight.

If you have a long layover, you may get to have an added destination to your vacation for free!

8. Come Up With a Budget

Before you go, it’s important to set a budget.

It can be tempting to throw the budget away when you’re on vacation, but it’s important to do everything in moderation.

Definitely splurge a little bit, but try not to go over your budget by too much because this could cause issues when you come back.

9. Skip the Taxis

Many people take taxis or Ubers when they get to a new destination. However, taxi drivers sometimes raise the rates for unsuspecting tourists.

Plus, walking around is free and can also let you see the city in a way that you wouldn’t have seen it before.

If you don’t want to walk too far, most big cities also have some kind of public transportation. You’ll still have to pay for it, but you might be able to get a pass for the whole day and ride it as much as you want.

10. Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Lastly, farmer’s markets are great places where you can find cheap things.

Not only will it give you some cultural immersion, but you can try new foods and find unique, hand-crafted items.

Discover More Ways to Save Money While Traveling

These are only a few ways to save money while traveling, but there are many more ways to do it.

While you’re traveling, it’s easy to get disorganized and spend a lot of time searching for the lost item. However, there are great apps out there that will help you organize your coupons so you have them handy while you’re shopping.

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