Top Items to Buy in April!


Top Items to Buy in April

Ever wondered what is the best items to buy and when to buy them? We have created list of items that are typically at their best prices for the month of April. April is known as the “Gardening Month”.   So you will find lots of things to spruce up your yard on sale. Plus get ready for spring cleaning :)


Zucchini Rhubarb Artichokes Asparagus Spring peas Broccoli Lettuce Pineapples Mangoes

Garden Tools and Patio Furniture

April is the month of Gardening so expect to see many lawn care items on sale!


Spring Clothing

retailers put out spring clothing around Feb and typically those seasonal items only stick around for about 2 months which means we can see some great discounts on spring clothing!

Thrift Store Furniture, Appliances, and Clothing

With Spring cleaning in full affect in the month of April, many people will be dropping off loads of household goods at their local thrift stores which means you can find a store packed to the brim with furniture, appliances and clothing with price tags that have great discounts!


Vacuum Cleaners

spring cleaning is in the air! Expect lower prices on a new vacuum!


Televisions and Other Electronics

This applies mostly to Japanese brands as their “New Year” closes at the end of March, expect higher discounts on electronics as they make room for new stock and new products!


with nice weather around the corner and people starting to venture back outside, many sneakers and other outdoor shoes will be discounted to entice people to buy.

Pre/Post Holiday Deals: After Easter Sales

Be on the look out for up to 90% off Easter Candy, Crafts, Baskets, and Flowers towards the end of April (Easter is April 16th)

Tax Day Freebies

many retailers offer special discounts and freebies after April 15th when taxes are finally all in!

Earth Day Deals

April 22nd is Earth Day so expect to see some “green” deals on that day at local retailers!

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