Totes at Lowes These Centrex 50 gallons are now ONLY $3!

Totes at Lowes These Centrex 50 gallons are now ONLY $3!

Storage Totes are great to have around the house!  So, if you are looking for larger Storage Totes, you won’t want to miss checking for these totes at lowes!  The Centrex 50Gal Totes are only $3!

Storage Totes are great to have for your house.  Store all your Holiday decorations, kids toys, household items and more with the hot Totes deal from Lowes!   These Totes are usually just under $30 but are marked down to only $3 in stores!  You can check your local Lowes stores for the Centrex Rugged 50 gallon Totes using the product number 1000237841.   As always, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance prices and quantity!

These Rugged 50 gallon totes are perfect for mult-uses!  Use on decks to store pool accessories or garden supplies!  They are also perfect for storing sports equipment!  Use it to fill with ice and drinks for any larger gathering for outdoor entertainment!  We have a few that we store in our garage for holiday decorations, and another that stores pool toys, garden accessories and camping equipment!  The cover has a dome like shape which is good for anything that may be a different size to fit right in the middle and still be able to get the cover snapped on!  They are also available in a smaller gallon size, 45 gallons and come with wheels for easier transport!


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