Types of Coupons: 3 Tips for Saving Money With Overstock Coupons

Two billion people do their shopping online. Online shopping makes life convenient and easy if you have a busy lifestyle.

Overstock.com offers a variety of furniture, decor, and even kitchen appliances, often at very low prices. Their website is simple enough to use, even with the number of products they offer. But did you know that there are types of coupons and deals you can use at Overstock?

If you’re looking for Overstock coupons, and how to use them, here are some of the best tips for using coupons for Overstock.

Sign Up For The Mailing List

Overstock offers a mailing list called Omail. When you sign up for this mailing list, you’ll receive a newsletter from Overstock in your inbox alerting you of promotions, sales, provide coupons, and so forth. Sometimes, these sales are exclusive for members only, giving you even deeper discounts.

Having notice of a sale arrive in your inbox is more convenient than visiting the website numerous times to check for sales. You can sign up for Omail on their website.

Promo Codes

Promo or promotion codes, are codes you enter when you’re ready to check out at Overstock. By entering these codes, you’ll get the promotion. You can find coupon codes on Overstock’s website.

You need to make sure that your items qualify for the promotion for the coupon code to work. Before you check out, make sure your items match the promotion.

The Sale Section

Overstock not only offers promotions and sales for members, but they have a clearance and liquidation section. Here, Overstock offers more discounts on already discounted items that they’re liquidating from their warehouse. For these items to move quickly, they’re discounted more.

If you’re looking for something specific, try going to the clearance section first. However, sale items may not be eligible for other promo codes, so read the fine print carefully.

Daily Deals

Daily deals happen at noon eastern time on Overstock. This is when Overstock provides even more discounts on selected items. You’ll never know what treasures you might find that are reduced to 80-90 percent off.

These deals are random, so you’ll have to do some searching if you’re looking for a specific item.

Become A Member

Overstock offers a membership called Club O, and they’re beneficial if you spend a lot of money at Overstock. These memberships begin at different levels, gold and silver, and you can choose which level you prefer.

The silver membership is free and offers you free shipping on orders over $50 while earning 2% cashback on purchases. The gold membership does have a fee of $20, and then an annual renewal rate of $15. However, the gold membership offers you more perks like 10-40% off certain purchases, 5% back, and other perks.

Types of Coupons for Overstock

If you’re wondering how to use coupons on Overstock, they make it very easy. These types of coupons and discounts help save you money when you’re shopping at Overstock and help you become a better shopper.

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