Unicorn Sprinkler and Shark Sprinkler Clearance at Target

Unicorn Sprinkler

Target has both these Unicorn sprinklers and the Shark Sprinkler on clearance in stores for just $9 REG $30. Both of these sprinklers are over 6 feet tall for tons of playtime. Simply inflate the Unicorn sprinkler before use, connect your hose and watch the water spray out of the horn. This is perfect to have in the backyard for those hot summer days when the kids just want to cool off. Grab one or two for next summer at this price and be ready for the heat! Additionally when finished, this does store easily for the next time. My kids LOVE the sprinkler we have and spend hours playing outside.

This is an in-store-only clearance and may not be at every store. Your mile may vary. Head into your local Target to search for this deal. This would probably be in the summer section. Not all Target clearance items may be marked, which is why we suggest you scan often! Use DCPI: 091-11-1925 for the Unicorn Sprinkler and DCPI: 091-11-0083 for the Shark Sprinkler. Summer items are clearanced in stores to make room for the new winter items and you can find tons of great items.


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