Unlimited Sip Club Free Drinks at Panera Bread!


FREE Drinks at Panera Bread

If you enjoy eating at Panera Bread or have one near you then we have a deal for you that you can’t pass up!! We all know Panera does their Unlimited coffee Subscription and has promotions during the year to sign up and get a few months free. Now they have an Unlimited sip club, and you can score all your favorite drinks for FREE!! Panera Bread has started their Unlimited Slip club and signing up now means you get free drinks till July!


It’s simple and easy to sign up to head to Panera’s site and follow the steps or if you have the app add a beverage and it will give you the option. This Unlimited sip club offer is one you don’t want to pass up. This allows you to redeem a cup every two hours and you can get NEW Charged Lemonades, Iced and Hot Coffee, Iced & Hot Tea, Lemonade & Pepsi Fountain Beverages! Plus, you get to choose the cup size! And when you’re in the cafe you can get unlimited refills with no time restriction. Sign up now and you get free drinks till July 4th 2022! Then after July 4th you can either cancel or continue with the Unlimited sip club for just $10.99 a month! Max your savings and check out more new deals we have for you here!

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