Valentines Pouch Sets! PERFECT TEEN GIFT!

One of the upcoming and popular bags we have been seeing fans buying are the Stoney Clover bags that are trendy and customizable!  These Stoney Clover Bags are the clear pouch style bag that are labeled with things like, SNACKS, FACE, STUFF ext!   Now we have a deal for you that is similar to those bags but for a fraction of the cost, and available at Walmart!  Right now, available online are two bags, labeled stuff and love.  These bags include a mini journal and a pen, on top of a few extras for each pouch!

Head over to or check your stores now that Valentines day items are hitting the shelves.  These Stoney Clover inspired Valentines Day Pouch Sets are only $9.98!   These sets would make great gift ideas for a beauty loving teen!  And you will save more then half the cost from buying a Stoney Clover pouch!   The “stuff” pouch also includes a keychain, headphone cord organizer, and the “love” pouch includes a pair of gel eye masks!  Plus you can add other things to carry with you while on vacation, a weekend get away or just to store at home!   Use our shop now button below to check out these two Valentines Day Pouch Sets!


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