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Walmart Class Action Lawsuit for Walmart App Showing Lower Prices


There is a New Walmart Class Action Lawsuit over the Walmart App showing lower prices than what is in store. Walmart app will show Walmart Clearance items that you have to go in store to purchase, but most of the time you can not get that price.


The plaintiff in the case, Sofia Maynez saw Huggies Pull Ups and Huggies Wipes on the Walmart app for an insanely low price, but when she went to Walmart to buy these Huggies items she couldn’t get the price listed on the app. We all know Walmart loves to show us insanely low prices on the app, but when we go to Walmart to buy we almost never get that price. And while some Walmart stores will price the app, most will not.

This Class Action lawsuit over the Walmart App and deceptive prices is new and still in the court system. If this case settles and you are able to claim money, we will let you know! Keep following for updates. Thanks Top Class Actions!

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