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WSBDENLK Clearance Sale 2020 Neuer Luftaromadiffusor Led Buntes Licht Transformieren Aromabefeuchter Small Appliance Clearance

WSBDENLK Clearance Sale 2020 Neuer Luftaromadiffusor Led Buntes Licht Transformieren Aromabefeuchter Small Appliance Clearance

as of March 17, 2023 3:16 PM

2020 Neuer Luftaromadiffusor LED Buntes Licht Transformieren Aromabefeuchter Specification: Top filling design and safe automatic closing-remove the lid to add water to the water tank, and every point can be cleaned without disassembling the humidifier. It is easier to refill and clean than traditional humidifiers. To avoid excessive humidification and ensure safety, the humidifier will automatically shut down when the water level is low or the water level is cleared. The fog mode can easily adjust the moisture output of different air-conditioned rooms, relieve dry throat, cough, and dry skin Ultra-quiet and innovative design-the new "L"-shaped air duct, atomization is more delicate and substantial. Its ultrasonic technology runs at 28dB near silent. The mute control and the automatic shut-off function of the indicator light enable you to enjoy a comfortable, interference-free sleep Enhance healthy breathing with filter-In order to obtain absolutely healthy mist, the AirExpect humidifier is embedded with a high-quality internal base and an advanced microporous filter to avoid stains. 7-color LED-you can turn off the 7-color LED mode to keep quiet, or turn it on to create a romantic atmosphere Condition: 100% brand new Product name: Wood grain humidifier Optional types: daTransparent deep wood grain, transparent light wood grain Input voltage: DC5V Water capacity: 300ML Atomization amount: 50ML/hour Material: ABS + electronic components Product size: 150x 110MM Product weight: 200G Operation mode: plug and play Function: aromatherapy, humidification, purification, night light Feature: 1. Aromatherapy humidifier, mainly used for dehumidification, skin care, prevention of flu, in addition to static electricity, moisturizing the air, purifying the environment, and aromatherapy. 2. Made of high-quality ABS material, environmentally friendly and tasteless. 3. Click the button switch, easy to control and operate. 4. The opening design is convenient for adding water. 5. The silicone bottom cushion is more stable and safer. 6. Fine spray, easily penetrate the bottom of the muscles, make the skin bright and moist. Maintain nutrition so that you can enjoy a peaceful night without disturbing your work and sleep, allowing you to guard quietly. packing list: 1 x humidifier 1 x USB cable 1 x manual note: When using it for the first time, put the absorbent cotton cloth in an appropriate amount of water to keep the water absorption rate complete. Please add pure or distilled water to the water tank. Do not add tap water or dirty water. Do not add hot water over 40°C to the water tank to avoid discoloration or deformation. Do not let the water in the atomizer enter the body, please wipe the water outside the water tank with a dry cloth. When the indoor temperature is lower than 0°C, please pour out the water in the water tank to avoid damage to the components caused by frozen water.


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