Walmart Closing These Stores Permanently!


Walmart is Closing These Stores Permanently Next Month!

Walmart has announced they will be closing some stores next month permanently. With over 5,000 stores spread across the US, Walmart has a huge presence for physical retail stores. This giant retailer is a store we all know and shop at for a majority of our needs. It comes as a great surprise to hear of Walmart closing locations anywhere. At Walmart, customers can shop for most of their needs, price match a competitor for a lower price, grab groceries and house hold plus more. It is definitely a store most people prefer to shop at for the wide selection of items.


Walmart has confirmed it will be closing two locations next month. One in Forest Park, Ohio and the other in Louisville, Kentucky, both will be closed permanently by April 22nd, 2022. These stores closures are due to failed performances in sales but will continue to operate the other Walmart stores in the area. Most major cities have more than one Walmart nearby to shop at, each with their own clearance and manager specials. These two locations did not have high profits and it goes with Walmart’s plan to close the underperforming stores to concentrate on areas that make more.

At this time Walmart does not have any other plans to shutter stores nationwide. Nor do I foresee that ever happening because of how big the retailer is and how much we depend on the physical stores to shop. What do you think about this news? Let us know below!

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