Walmart Gift Card for FREE! FREE $50 Gift Card

Walmart Gift Card for FREE! FREE $50 Gift Card

Who Wants to Win a Walmart Gift Card for FREE?

Here at Glitchndealz we are giving out Walmart gift cards for FREE! You can win a $50 Walmart gift card easily! There will be a new winner picked each week with this giveaway. Walmart gift cards can come in handy for some extra spending money or to use during Holiday time. This is an exclusive giveaway so make sure you follow the directions below.

Here is how you can score a Walmart gift card for FREE: First, click the link below to join our Telegram Community. Telegram is a messaging and community app where we send all our hottest deals to. You do need to register with your phone number but no one sees it except you. Second, pick your username and you are in! You can even download Telegram on your desktop. We will select one winner each week for a FREE $50 Walmart Gift Card and message them via Telegram to claim. This is an exclusive giveaway for our Telegram community.


Telegram is one of the fastest messaging apps on the market with over 500 million users. The best part is this app does not take up much space on your device as it backs everything to the cloud. With fun chat features, picture filters, and so much more. This is an app I use everyday for both work and personal. Download Telegram today and join our community. Let us here at Glitchndealz help you save money and win some gift cards!


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