Walmart Hidden Christmas Clearance- Where to Look!

Walmart Hidden Christmas Clearance- Where to Look!

Walmart Hidden Christmas Clearance

It is that time of year again where the Christmas clearance is about to start in stores. Right now you can already shop Christmas Clearance online, but this article will teach you how to find Walmart Hidden Christmas Clearance! Ever wondered why so many people find deals way after the Holidays are already over while it seems like your store has nothing? Continue reading on to score some of your own hot deals!

What is Walmart Hidden Christmas Clearance?

These are items around the store that most people over look or do not think of as a Christmas item and they can be in many places. In this article I will break it down to the way my own store is set up and add in a few spots to look for clearance from the bigger stores. Most of these items are going to be in their respective location instead of with all the other Christmas items. That is part of what makes it a hidden clearance item.


Yes, some clothing is a Christmas item and counts towards the Christmas Clearance. Men and woman sections both have Ugly Christmas Sweaters, T Shirts and Pajamas. The womans section also has leggings typically hanging up that have a Christmas theme on them. In the womans bra section you will find Christmas socks both long and short with many designs on them. They will have the red Holiday Time tag on them but not always. Down in the kids respective sections you will find Holiday Dresses, outfits, pajamas and more. One thing I find in my store that gets over looked is the kids pajamas with Santa or reindeer on them.


There will be some smaller electronic items included in the clearance that typically stay in the electronic section. Advent Calendars (Last year was Funko Pop, Fortnite and Pokemon) Select POP phone holders with a Christmas Theme and select Funko Pop toys with a Christmas theme. (Last year was a Jack Skellington as Santa and a Deadpool as Santa)


The craft section will have material ranging from normal to fleece that features Santa Claus or Holiday themed. Sometimes you can also find Christmas yarn but it needs to have the Holiday Time tag.


This section will have flash light and tool gift sets, mens gift sets like a Beef Jerky Crate, and Holiday stickers or air fresheners for your car


This section is going to have a lot of Walmart Hidden Christmas Clearance depending on your store. Here you will find 3 different Holiday blankets to look for. The first is a Mainstays holiday themed and these are typically rolled up. Better Homes and Gardens has thick plush blankets and Pioneer Woman has recently started with their Holiday themed Blankets. Down in the scent and candle section you will find TONS of different items. Yankee Candle has a few Holiday scents like Christmas Cookies and Gingerbread or Winter Cranberry. Mainstays also has their own Holiday scents like Mulled Cider and Apple Pie. You can also find these in wax melts also, some from mainstays and Yankee candle and some with the HOLIDAY TIME emblem at the top. In the home section you will also find Holiday themed aprons, Pioneer Woman holiday themed spatulas for baking, Pioneer Woman Holiday themed salt and pepper shakers, bowls and more.


Here you can find some Holiday treats and Holiday themed Pet outfits plus their Holiday toy stockings.


Here you can find Christmas themed jewelry like earrings, headbands, necklaces and more. Plus typically in my stores this section has the Holiday themed gloves and hats.


Here you will find a majority of the Christmas Clearance. Trees, ornaments and decor, wrapping paper and pillows. Holiday Stuffed Animals, Christmas Gift Tags and more.


A lot of people do not think of food when it comes to clearance shopping. And some of these will be a YMMV, because even though it is Holiday themed some stores will argue that it is a vendor item and they can not change the price. However we have gotten them to do so in the past so extreme YMMV. Certain chips will be Holiday themed, like Lays with a red ribbon, Holiday themed snack sized boxes of variety chips, Snowflake Cheetos. You can also find Holiday themed mini cans of soda like Sprite and Rootbeer. Additionally Sprinkles, cupcake liners, paper plates, deli cookies and donuts that are Holiday themed. Mini Brownie bites with Holiday sprinkles and even pancake mix and cookie mixes.


The beauty section oddly enough has a ton of Walmart Hidden Christmas Clearance! Here you can find ornament sized eyelash glue, Holiday themed false lashes, Limited edition Holiday themed Wet N Wild products, Nail polish. But this section also holds the kids Holiday toothbrush kits with toothpaste. And some bath sets, in recent years we have found that the Epsom Salt and bath bombs get put into this section. Last year we found a TON of LOL Surprise bath bombs for 10 cents each! Some of the chapsticks get put on the shelf with the other ones as well as some of the beauty kits.

Have fun clearance shopping and finding these hidden deals! Walmart in store clearance begins on December 26th, 2022. So Let us know what you find at your store!