Walmart Recalls Better Homes and Gardens Room Spray After Deaths!

Walmart Recalls Better Homes and Gardens Room Spray After Deaths!

Walmart has recalled Better Homes and Gardens Room Spray after a rare bacteria caused two deaths. One of which was a child. Burkholderia pseudomallei is a rare bacteria that is hard to diagnose and can be fatal. The affected bottles of room spray comes in 6 different scents and has gemstones inside infused with essential oils. These were sold in stores and online from February 2021 through October 2021 in little glass bottles.

Now here is where things get interesting. Because this is deadly the CDC has the following guidelines on what to do with the sprays. Also upon return to Walmart, customers will get a $20 Walmart gift card.

Consistent with CDC’s guidance, consumers are urged to:
Stop using this product immediately. Do not open the bottle. Do not attempt to throw away or dispose of the bottle.
Double bag the bottle in clean, clear zip-top resealable bags and place in a small cardboard box. Return the bagged and boxed product to a Walmart store.
Wash sheets or linens that the product may have been sprayed on using normal laundry detergent and dry completely in a hot dryer, bleach can be used if desired.
Wipe down counters and surfaces that might have been exposed to the spray with an undiluted disinfectant cleaner.
Minimize handling of the product and wash hands thoroughly after handling the bottle or linens. Wash hands thoroughly after removing gloves.

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