Want To Know When You Will Get Your Stimulus Check?


Are you wondering when your Stimulus check will be coming? So are millions of other Americans, checking their accounts daily waiting on the deposit to come through. The IRS has chosen Wednesday as the day to deposit millions of checks into bank accounts around 8:30am EST. They will also be sending out roughly 150,000 paper checks too. But what happens if you don’t get yours in the first wave?

The IRS is releasing the first wave of Stimulus checks based off of those who filed 2020 taxes electronically. If you did not file taxes for 2020 yet, they encourage you to file electronically. Next they will look at 2019 returns and send out checks to those people. If you filed by paper you will notice a delay in getting your stimulus checks. Technically the IRS has until December 31st to send out the checks to Americans. Click the link below to read more.