Weighted Blanket BEST Price EVER!!!! RUN!

Weighted Blanket BEST Price EVER!!!! RUN!

Weighted Blankets are very popular!!!  So, if you are looking for a one of these blankets check out this HOT in store clearance deal!

You will want to check your stores for this Weighted Blanket with the best price ever!  So, use the sku 879777544 to search your stores for the 15lb blanket!  These blankets are usually $50 and are marked down in stores for just $1!!!!  As always, YMMV (your miles may vary) with in store clearance

prices and quantity!

A TIP WHEN SEARCHING for this Weighted Blanket

So, when searching IN your stores, make sure to pay attention to the UPCs!  There is a newer version of this blanket that can be easily confused with the one that has been clearance down to only a dollar!  While in store, use the upc-022415000901 to find this specific blanket!  We found a couple of them when we were looking mixed in with the newer blankets!  Always check the UPCs for older versions to find some hidden gems!   These blankets are great for yourself, give as a gift, or use for kids!  It is only 15lbs and a great overall blanket!


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