WHOA! – The Swiss Colony 43 Season Pleasers ONLY $7.99 SHIPPED!

Right now you can score The Swiss Colony 43 Season Pleasers – Assorted Summer Sausage Meats, Cheese Bricks and Wedges, Spreadables, Candies, and Chocolate Treats on sale for $47.99 which is an amazing deal. HOWEVER you can get it for much less if you use Rakuten and are a new member.

Claiming this is very simple. Just follow the easy directions below and you will get $40 back. Make sure to search for The Swiss Colony 43 Season Pleasers Once on the Rakuten site.

In order to qualify for the $40 Cash Back Bonus you must be a new Rakuten Member or sign up with a new email address. You will pay for the item as normal using the link provided in this post. After 90 days you will receive your $40 bonus back in the form of A Big Fat Check!


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Step 2

Once claimed just search the above item on the link below and add to your cart. You do not have to choose the above item you can actually choose ANY ITEM you wish as long as the total goes over $40


You can also order it direct here for $47.99

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