Staples Block Erasers, Pink, 3/Pack (10433-CC) on Sale At Staples

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Staples Block Erasers, Pink, 3/Pack (10433-CC)

as of September 23, 2022 5:20 PM

About this product Eliminate mistakes with these Staples premium pink wedge erasers. Stock your classroom or office with these premium wedge erasers. The dependable design wipes away errors without ripping or tearing paper, and the bright pink color makes these erasers easy to spot in a desk drawer or pencil case. Each eraser boasts a compact size, which fits neatly in a briefcase, pocket or desk drawer. These Staples pink erasers come in a pack of three, so you can always have extras on hand. Compact-size wedge erasers are ideal for planners, purses, and backpacks Eraser removes markings quickly and cleanly Comes in pink color Three per pack Wedge eraser is soft and flexible and allows you to erase text or images created with a pencil without tearing your documents Staples pink wedge erasers are designed to erase pencil marks, so you can enjoy a clean writing space. The erasers are soft and gentle on paper, allowing you to erase without tearing your document. They come with Staples brand 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Easy Erasing Staples pink wedge erasers get rid of unsightly pencil marks in seconds. Comfortable Handling Staples pink wedge erasers are designed for comfortable use. The eraser fits easily in your hand and provides a large erasing surface. Pliable Staples pink wedge erasers are pliable, so they bend easily. The gentle material slides easily across your paper, so you don't need to worry about rips and tears.