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DG Penny List

Get the weekly list for Dollar General Penny List Items here!

First, Have you been to Dollar General on Tuesdays and scored from the DG Penny List!? Almost every Tuesday they have products throughout the store that ring up for ONLY a PENNY!  Depending on holidays, they have different days of the week that they have penny items, but it is mostly Tuesdays. And yes, you read that right they are only 1 cent!

So, penny items are products that have been hard to sell and have gone past the 90% off mark. And they ring up for a penny in order to help the sales associates identify them to let them know that it needs to be pulled from the shelf to be donated or destroyed. Always get to the store as soon as the store opens.  So check out this list to find weekly Penny Items for 2021. Lastly, always remember your mileage may vary.



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DG Penny List FAQ

Dollar General is known for Penny Items and great Clearance deals. You can definitely save a ton of money by shopping at Dollar General.

There have been many questions about how to penny shop at Dollar General. We have created this FAQ, to help you better understand Dollar General Penny Shopping.


What is a Penny Item?

  • A penny item at Dollar General is an item that has gone past the 90% off mark, and the company marks it down to a Penny to indicate it is time to stop selling the product or it has gone out of season.

Are we allowed to buy Penny Items?

  • The answer is YES! As long as it is on the floor and not the store stock room.

Can I be Refused a sale on a Penny Item?

  • Your mileage may vary! But at this time according to store policy, they are supposed to sale penny items if the customer finds them.

How do I check if an item is going to ring up a Penny?

  • You can Download the DG GO app, or Dollar General app to scan and confirm penny items.

Dollar General Penny Items SCORE The Deals On Our APP!


I can’t find any Penny List Items, What do I do?

Then the Penny items may have been pulled from your store before you got there. It is always good to get there as soon as they open. Your mileage may vary!

Is this at all Dollar General Stores?

Yes! However, you may not always find penny items. The store could have gotten them pulled before you got there, or there was another shopper before you. Penny shopping is a BIG Your mileage may vary!


When do Items Penny?

NEW penny items go to a penny on Tuesdays.

If I find a Penny Item should I buy all of them?

Once you’re to the register, and you found a penny item. You can NOT go back and grab more. The store is supposed to go back after you leave to pull the rest. So if you know something is a PENNY grab them all.

Can I ask the store about Penny Items?

It’s important not to ask the Dollar General employee’s about penny items, cause you may be turned away. You are allowed to buy the items if found in the store.

Check out the Dollar General Penny List for This Week!

Tuesday September 21, 2021

  • Original Gourmet Summer Sucker Straws- 654954237588
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Lover Standard Bar (at the front end)- 034000938841
  • Reese’s Ultimate Lovers 1.4oz- 034000938926
  • M&M Almond Chocolate Bag 9.3oz- 040000512776

Tuesday September 14, 2021

  • Currently there is no new penny list for today!  Make sure to check for the past few weeks or even remodeled stores!

Tuesday September 7, 2021

  • Yerbae Energy-Tea Iced 3x Berry 16oz – 853156007399
  • Yerbae Energy-Tea Blk Chry Pnapl 16oz – 853156007436
  • Yerbae Energy-Tea Mngo Passnfrt 16oz – 853156007221
  • Yerbae Energy-Tea Wtrmin Strwbry 16oz – 853156007207

Tuesday August 31, 2021

  • Super Poligrip Denture Powder Adhesive X/Str 1.6oz – 310158078012
  • Fixodent Denture Tabs Plus Scope 60ct – 37000604693
  • DG Health A0465 Den Crm Adhesive Orig 2.4oz – 71031938532

Tuesday August 24, 2021

  • Whatchamacalit (near front end checkout candy)- Upc 34000002474
  • Whozeewhatzit chocolate standard bar 1.7oz- Upc 34000443871
  • Reeses Big Cup stuffed chips 1.35oz- Upc 34000939367  (Could be the packages with either the chips, reeces pieces or pretzels in them)

Tuesday August 17, 2021

  • Hostess Key Lime Cupcakes- upc 888109115357
  • Hostess Sundae Cupcakes- upc 88810911534

Tuesday August 10, 2021

  • Jolly Rancher Fruit and Sour Peg Bag 3.8 oz – 10700101082
  • Trolli SB Blast Peg Bag 3.8 oz – 41420102660
  • Nerds Big Chewy Sour Peg Bag 3.5 oz -79200978723
  • Sweet Smiles D0430 Candy Fruit Candy 5.43 oz -850006869039
  • Sour Patch Kids Big HeadsPeg Bag 8 oz – 70462005172
  • Candy and Snacks Johnny Appl Candy Theatre Box 5 oz – 8582180079997
  • Now & Later Morphs Peh Bag 3.5 oz – 41420042423
  • Hershy Pretzel Bites Peg Bag  2.3 oz – 34000216376
  • Candy and Snacks Alexander Candy Theatre Box 5 0z – 858218006945
  • Sunkist Fruit Bites Mixed Fruit 5 ct – 818480015540
  • Dunkaroos Cookies Vanilla Fr End Chk (2l) – 16000288010
  • Biscoff and Go Breadsticks Cookie Butter Fr End Chk – 21788016977
  • Oreo Cookies Single Fr End Chk (2l) – 44000047009
  • Clover Vally D0436 Cookie Vanilla Wafer 1.4 oz – 654954238776
  • Rice Krispy Treats Caramel 8 ct 6.2 oz – 38000235566
  • Goldfish Crackers Multipack 6 ct – 14100046127
  • Keebler Variety Pack 12.4 oz – 27800101508
  • Combos Snacks Pizza Cracker -1.70 oz -41419714737

Tuesday August 3, 2021


  • Dollar General Multipurpose Contact Solution- UPC 095072100123
  • Dr. Topper Soda- UPC 22196000763
  • Clover Valley Brand Orange Soda- UPC 22196000534
  • Clover Valley MTN Explosion- UPC 22196000121
  • CV Cola- UPC 22196000046
  • Clover Valley Root Beer- UPC 22196000152
  • Clover Valley Grape- UPC 22196000015
  • Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime  Herbal Tea UPC- 70734000034
  • Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler UPC- 70734055003
  • McCafe Premium Medium Roast 18 count UPC- 43000060674
  • Maxwell House Original Roast 18 count UPC- 43000060032
  • Folgers Gourmet Coffee Grounds UPC- 25500004013  MUST CLIP THE $1.00 COUPON FOR FOLGERS COFFEE PRODUCT
  • Currently there is no REGULAR Penny List for this week!
  • TIPS!!!!!  We have been seeing a lot of Penny Deals found at stores that are being REMODELED!  Check to see if you have a store near you!!!  We will also update if there are any SURPRISE pennies found!  Stay Tuned!


DG Penny Policy

Dollar General is one of the best stores to penny shop and clearance shop at. You can definitely save a ton of money by shopping at Dollar General. So If you are looking for everyday items for only 1 penny, Dollar General is the place to shop. As Many people have scored Clothing, Cleaning Goods, Electronics, and more for only 1 cent each. If you have always wondered how to penny shop we can show you.

The Dollar General Penny Policy is always a concern when shopping The Penny List at Dollar General. If you find any of the said penny items, you are allowed to purchase them according to the official Dollar General Penny Policy. Products that ring up for a penny are discontinued merchandise that is meant to be removed from the sales floor.


Remember when shopping you can also use the FREE Dollar General app to scan and confirm Penny Items before you make it to the register. The app is available on the google play store and apple app store. You also do not want to ask employees about the penny item list.

Checking Out

While shopping at the Dollar General for penny items, once you get to the register you can no longer go back and grab any more of the penny products. The Dollar General Cashier will ask where you found your items as you check out. As a customer, you can purchase as many penny items as you would like. If you have any questions about Penny Shopping at The Dollar General, check our FAQ.

You can find the Dollar General Penny Sales policy below. If you have any concerns while in-store, Dollar General does indeed have a Customer Service Department. The phone number is 877-463-1553. Happy Penny Shopping, and remember your mileage may vary.

Dollar General Penny Sales Policy

Dollar General has hit it big with shoppers who love to save money. They offer plenty of ways to help customers old and new save. From clearance events, digital coupons, one-day deals, and instant savings; Dollar General has it all. Although with so many ways to save, it can be a bit confusing.

Let’s start with coupons.

DG accepts manufacturer coupons. Whether from your Sunday inserts from the paper or ones you have printed. Dollar General does not have a limit on the number of identical coupons or the total amount of coupons that can be used.  But, if the coupon itself has a limit (Ex.  “Limit 2 Identical Coupons Per Shopping Trip”), they will honor that limit.
On top of accepting manufacturer coupons, they offer plenty of other ways to save too that can be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons!  Here is what you need to know to save BIG at Dollar General:

Dollar General Store Coupons:

Store coupons:

Sometimes Dollar General coupons can be found in the Sunday newspaper inserts. As well as randomly print at the bottom of store receipts. By signing up for the DG text coupon program you can also save a lot! All you have to do is text the word SAVE to DGTXT! Furthermore, their Facebook page carries coupons as well

Digital coupons:

By Creating a Dollar General account you will gain access to hundreds of digital coupons. An account is not only free but also easy to use. Just simply clip the coupons you want and they will instantly be saved to your account. Once at the checkout, simply enter the phone number connected to your account. By doing this the clipped coupons will automatically deduct. Please note that not all digital coupons are store coupons. Some of them are manufacturer coupons. The coupon will let you know whether it is a manufacturer or store coupon (look for the yellow and black DG in the corner or an “M” to signify if it is a store coupon or a manufacturer coupon)

$5 off $25 coupon:

The $5 off $25 Dollar General coupon is released almost every Saturday and is good for one day only. It can be obtained by either making a purchase in the store. Coupons like this will print at the bottom of your receipt or you can simply log in to your  Dollar General account and “clip” it. The BEST part of this coupon is that it is BEFORE manufacturer coupons :)

$3 off $15 Survey coupons:

$3 off $15 coupons print at the bottom of your receipt after you make a purchase. Simply call the number and complete the survey to get your code. They are limited to 2 survey coupons per account per month.

Dollar General GIVES Overage!

What the heck does that mean? It means if you have a coupon for an item that exceeds the value of the item, you can end up with overage. Many stores will manually change the price of the coupon so you get the item for free, but prevent you from gaining “overage.” Dollar General does not do that. Although they will not give you cash back, if you have items in your order to cover the overage, it will be applied to your other items.
For example, a few weeks back, Garnier’s hair care was on sale for 2/$3. We had a coupon for $4 off 2 which would give you $1 overage. Make sure you have another item in your order, and that $1 overage would be applied to those other items :)

Stacking Coupons: 

With so many different coupons available, did you know you can “stack” them for even more savings? That means you can use a Dollar General store coupon along with a manufacturer coupon on the same item for even more savings! This is a store coupon and attaches to everything in the category. The Category being “$25 or $15”. That means you will not be able to use any other Dollar General store coupons, BUT you most certainly CAN use manufacturer coupons to lower your cost. Remember, the $25 (or $15) is BEFORE other coupons :)
Here is an example:

DG And Ibotta

Not only can you save with coupons in-store, but you can then submit your receipt to Ibotta and get “cash back” on top of all the savings you already have in store! Just for signing up and redeeming your 1st rebate, Ibotta will give you a $10 Welcome Bonus! You can see a bunch of deal ideas weekly for the sales at Dollar General and some of them will include the rebate, so make sure you are prepared to rock & roll and get the most savings possible!

Dollar General In-Store Promotions:

Clearance Events:

Not only does Dollar General have their regular aisle of clearance, but they also have HUGE clearance events that are run a few times a year. These events happen towards the end of seasons and after holidays.
They start with an additional 50% off the lowest ticketed price. Seasonal items can hit 75% off and end-of-summer clearance will hit 90% off where you can score items for as little as Seasonal items can hit 75% off and end-of-summer clearance will hit 90% off where you can score items for as little as $0.10.10! Remember, Items do sell out quickly during these events.
P.S. If your clearance event happens to be running on a Saturday, you can totally use your $5 off $25 or $3 off $15 survey coupon to save even more! Make sure to follow us for news of these upcoming events!

Instant Savings:

On top of all the different coupons that Dollar General accepts and their insane clearance events, they also offer deals called Instant Saving.
For example, Spend $10 on Lysol products and save $2 instantly.

  • Buy: 3  Lysol All-purpose cleaner lemon $2.00
  • 2 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner $2.00
  • Save $2 instantly for spending $10 on Lysol
  • Use: (2) $1/2 Lysol products, SS 08/27
  • Final Price: $6 for everything

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