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Bargain-hunting adds to the thrill of shopping for many, but for others, it will most likely be just a chore. Whatever kind of shopper you are, Glitchndealz alerts and our list of top Amazon Promo Code And Coupon Codes  will serve you the freshest offers and discounts worth getting excited over. Whether you’d like to update your wardrobe, the look of your house, or to find a specific item at a great discount, we round up the best deals for your convenience.

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Get ready to save big with today's online coupon code deals from Amazon and other retailers! Shop now and enjoy amazing discounts on your favorite products.

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We Bring You Today’s Best Amazon Coupons and Promo Codes (THE FULL LIST)

Browse our extensive list of exclusive Amazon coupons and promo codes to save the most money possible on all of Amazon’s most popular items.

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Amazon Clipped Coupons


Amazon Promo Codes to try this year

Now that we’ve rung in 2022, it’s time to celebrate the new shopping season with jaw-dropping discounts on Amazon. Say hello to the ultimate list of Amazon promo codes that can make your online shopping as rewarding as never before. This list spans Amazon’s hottest categories to help you save up to 90% on the stuff you need.

The best thing? When these coupon codes are paired with sales, glitches, and deals, the price can decrease to a few dollars. Spending a lot on your everyday purchases is now a thing of the past!

Amazon coupons for everything and then some

Is Amazon your go-to place for dresses and yoga pants? Are you shopping for some gourmet food or groceries? Or maybe you’re looking to add a new folding desk to your living room? You can get everything you’re here for with a coupon code.

At Glitchndealz, we search to find Amazon discount coupon codes for all your favorite items. Check out the extensive coupon lists for clothing, accessories, beauty essentials, toys, furniture, kitchenware, health products, etc. There’s something you’ll love for sure.

You can access all the lists of discount codes for Amazon right on this page for your convenience. With regular updates, there’s no chance you will miss out on the best coupon codes for what you’re shopping for.

How to apply an Amazon Promo Code?

It’s a no-brainer. Just follow these three simple steps to take a significant portion of the price out of your purchase:

  1. View the list for the category you need. All Amazon coupon codes are grouped into categories so that you can find an active code for the items you’re searching for.
  2. Select a coupon code. It’ll show you how much you can save right off the bat. Click on the code, and it’ll take you to
  3. Sign in and complete your purchase. Log in to your Amazon account and buy the product with a discount. You’ll see all eligible items that you can use this code for.

Amazon promo codes are never valid forever. They are short-term, so make sure you have enough time to take advantage of them. Or you can entrust Glitchndealz with that. Our newsletter alerts are a perfect way to track the latest or expiring coupon codes for your purchases on Amazon.

Discount shopping keeps getting easier as you don’t have to wait for months before things start going on sale. There is no need to spend hours on the Internet, as seeking out deals and the biggest price drops can be left to professionals and special apps. Checking out the top of the best deals on Amazon is a good starting point, whether you’re into bargain hunting or comparing the prices between different retailers. Glitchndealz updates this list daily as new offers, and coupon codes come out.

How to save big with top Amazon Coupon deals right now?

Are you looking for your best steal ever? It’s easier than you think with our coupon codes to redeem online. The art of seeking out Amazon top deals isn’t just about finding things that have been marked down. Glitchndealz users benefit from double or even triple discounts giving you huge savings. 

With a coupon code, you can slash an extra % off the already discounted price, but you can sometimes add a promo code at checkout for an additional discount. Or, you can take advantage of Amazon gift cards with purchase offers that Glitchndealz alerts you. 

Bargain-hunting may be a skill-based activity that not everyone enjoys, but when it comes to the hottest deals and discounts we find, anybody can indulge!

If you are looking for some Amazon hacks and tips to help you save money, you have come to the right place. Amazon is such a convenient place to shop since you don’t have to leave your home, and they offer shipping in just 1-2 days. We wanted to share some tried and true ways to save even more shopping at Amazon. There are some little-known ways to save money using additional services as part of your Prime membership. Amazon Prime is way more than just FREE shipping, after all! So let’s jump into it!

1. Turn those Prepaid Debit Cards into Amazon Cash!

We’ve all gotten those rebate cards that can be a nuisance to redeem in-store. Why not use them to pay for an Amazon gift card? Use it to buy a gift card for the amount of your prepaid card, wait for the gift card code to come to your email then apply it to your account! This gives you a nice little cushion for your next Amazon order!

2. Get a 2% bonus on Reloading your gift cards

If you’re going to make a big purchase, this is a no-brainer! Get an extra 2% added to your existing gift card when you fund it through your bank account.

3. Get Compensation if a Shipment is Late

Remember, Amazon Prime is a membership you pay a nice chunk of money yearly for. Some buy it just for the 1-2 day shipping. It has only happened to me twice in the years I’ve had Prime, but you can contact them for compensation if a shipment is late. They will either give you a gift card code or a free one-month extension to your Prime membership.

4. Be Careful When Searching Lowest to Highest prices

Most of us would assume that searching lowest to highest prices means, indeed, the lowest prices are pulled from all items pertaining to your search and displayed first. Not exactly. Amazon shows “sponsored” items FIRST in a search result list. Those items the merchant has paid Amazon to list those first. Next time you are viewing an item, take note of all the items that appear below the listing you are viewing that says “customers that viewed this item also viewed.” Those will often have lower price listings for similar items.

5. The % off Trick

Rather than automatically searching lowest to highest, add this code to the end of your URL: “&pct-off=30-50″ without quotation marks. This code will show you what is 30-50% off. You can, of course, substitute those numbers with another range of numbers for bigger or smaller discounts. This is a great Amazon hack to have at your fingertips.

6. Let your Shopping Cart Gather Dust

This is not a guarantee, but this little trick is worth a shot if you’re not in a big hurry to make a purchase. Put an item in your cart and closeout Amazon. Within a few days, Usually, you will receive an email reminding you you left an item in your cart; go checkout! Sometimes the email will contain a coupon code to apply to the purchase.

7. Digital Coupons

They can be easy to overlook! There can be digital coupons that apply to your purchase. Everything from paper towels to desk lamps could have a Digital Coupon! On the items page, watch for an orange box right above the Star Rating of the product. Click apply, and your extra savings come off at checkout!

8. Prime Music

Is music a regular part of your everyday routine? Mine too! Streaming music is so convenient, and many services offer it. I-Tunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Prime Music! Prime Music is just another benefit to your Amazon Prime membership! Ditch that $9.99 a month membership for those other music services, and just like that; you’ve saved the $120 it costs to join Prime!

9. Prime Video

Tons of TV shows and movies are available to stream to your computer, tablet, phone, Roku, or Amazon FireStick. Prime Video is included with your Prime membership at no additional cost. Save money by not buying DVDs or renting movies as often. If you like the variety of content, you can even move away from cable altogether and eliminate that bill from your household budget! And speaking of renting movies.

10. Credits for No-Rush Shipping

Most items offer a $1 incentive for Digital Content if you choose no-rush shipping. The $1 credits STACK and can equal FREE movie rentals or purchases for digital movies for titles not included with Prime Video. I never use Redbox anymore; I choose No-Rush Shipping when I don’t need an item right away and bank the credits for our movie and popcorn nights.

We hope this article gave you some excellent tips and tricks to save even more money and enjoy all that Prime and Amazon offer. Do you know a tip or trick? Let us know!


Amazon Deal Of The Day is offered year-round. Be sure to Shop the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals and all limited-time sales. You can easily get a daily alert by TEXTING THE WORD “AMAZON” to (407) 743-8842.

We look for the very best daily offers and send out alerts on what we find, especially the Amazon Deal Of The Day. We often see deals on electronics and, of course, plenty of household items. Prime Members will always get FREE SHIPPING with most of these deals. These deals get real crazy around holidays and sometimes go very quickly. Look each day for multiple offers from Amazon to choose from. Many of these offers can be over 50% off and sometimes even more. The deal of the day only lasts for 24 hours, so be sure to act fast to score your favorite offer. These are often the lowest price of the year on these particular products, so if you find something you have been looking for, you will want to grab it today.


Amazon Lightning Deals Today

Another great reason to check each day is Amazon Lightning Deals. These amazing daily deals go very fast and only last for a short time. Lightning deals start and end at different times throughout the day, so you will want to check often. We make it super easy for you to check with the button below. Keep in mind some of these items sell out within minutes as only a limited amount is available.

All The Deals You Can Expect During Amazon Prime Day This Year

It’s one of our favorite times of the year for avid shoppers.

Amazon Prime Day will be here before you know it and will serve as a kickoff for the holiday shopping season.

Many great deals, coupons, and amazing discounts can help you save money on your favorite items. Find deals on laptops, TVs, headphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

If you’re an avid shopper or simply just looking for ways to save and get the best amazon deals during Amazon Prime Day this year, keep reading to help you prepare for this year’s annual savings event.

Here is a quick little guide to this year’s Amazon Prime Day and what you can expect.

Your Guide to Amazon Prime Day

Every year, Amazon hosts its premier sales event available exclusively to its Amazon Prime members.

The event offers some of the best deals on different products such as electronics, gadgets, home goods, select furniture, fashion, and more; it also offers other perks like expedited shipping on select products.

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

In 2015, Amazon hosted its first annual Amazon Prime Day to celebrate Amazon’s 20th-anniversary sales event that offered its shoppers incredible savings to attract new Prime members with summer purchases.

Over the next few years, Amazon Prime Day garnered worldwide attention, with shoppers purchasing more than 175 million items back in 2019. According to Amazon, the two-day event generated $6.93 billion in sales last year.

Although typically held in the summer, Amazon Prime Day was pushed back in 2020 to October due to the pandemic. Amazon’s Prime Day is considered strong competition against major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Best Buy because of their competitive prices and deals on various products and items.

Compared to Walmart and other major retailers’ Black Friday shopping deals, Amazon’s Prime Day sale extravaganza saves you more money.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of these deals. The Prime membership costs $13.00 per month or $119 per year and includes daily access to Prime video, exclusive deals for Prime members only, expedited shipping, and more.

However, if you do not want to pay for the entire membership, make sure that you cancel your membership before the trial period ends. Also, Amazon will offer its Prime members a $10 credit to use on Prime Day if they spend $10 on any item sold by their list of small businesses in the Amazon store.

What Amazon Deals Can You Expect This Year?

Now that you understand what Prime Day is all about, what are some of the amazing Amazon Deals you can expect this year? With Prime Day almost here, we’ve compiled a list of five of this year’s best Prime Day deals to help you save money.

1. Beats Solo Pro Wireless On-Ear Headphones Price Drop for Pre Prime Day

These noise-canceling on-ear headphones are now available for sale on Amazon’s pre-prime day for $100.00 less. These Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones connect through Bluetooth and block out extra noise while plugging into your ears. They are typically priced at $299.95 but are now just $199.95.

2. Echo Dot Kids Edition HALF Off For Pre Prime Day

Amazon knows that kids love Alexa, too; they are offering their Echo Dot Kids Edition for half of its normal price for pre-Prime Day. This fun made-for-kids echo dot edition also includes an Amazon Kids+ FREE for one year. How’s that for a great deal?

3. Fire TV Recast DVR Huge Price Drop! Pre Prime Day

Do you love to live stream online television but miss some of your favorite shows because you do not have a DVR? Consider buying the Fire TV Recast, a DVR that you do not have to pay monthly. The best part about this deal is that it’s on a huge price drop for the big Pre-Prime Day sale.

4. Echo Dots Are Buy One Get One FREE!! Pre Prime Day

You can snag more than one Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa when you participate in their Buy One Get One FREE deal. When you buy your Echo Dots, add 2 of these to your cart and apply the coupon code DOTPRIME2PK.

5. GALAX Pro Cordless Drill Huge Price Drop for Pre Prime Day

Grab this amazing pro cordless drill driver with a 20-volt battery, drill bits, and a charger. It was a Pre-Prime Day deal; it took a huge price drop on Amazon.

To find more amazing Amazon Prime Day deals, visit our site. There are many opportunities to save on Prime Day, but here are a few other ways to save money shopping.

More Ways To Save with Amazon

There are always more ways to save with Amazon. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for more ways to save with Amazon. Here are a few things that you can do to help you save some money while shopping:

Amazon Smile

If you love shopping for a great cause, you should consider shopping via Amazon Smile. Amazon donates 0.5 percent of the purchase price to a charitable organization for every purchase you make.

It is a great way to give back and make a difference when shopping with Amazon Smile.

Amazon Mobile App

Download the Amazon mobile app to find all of the latest and greatest amazon deals and amazon coupons. Once you download the app and log in, you’ll be ready to add the products that you need instantly to your cart on Prime Day.

Also, be sure to check the app for Amazon giveaways. Amazon is loaded with giveaways and sweepstakes for you to enter. What’s better than getting something for free?

Ask Alexa

Have you considered shopping with Ask Alexa? Ask Alexa is one of the fun ways to shop and makes your job all the easier.

Just set her up and ask for her assistance to help you shop. You can ask questions like, “Alexa, what are the best deals today?” Or, “Alexa, can you help me add this product to my cart?”

Alexa is more than willing to help you shop and find the best deals and prices to meet your shopping needs. There may even be some voice-exclusive Amazon Prime Day deals, so ask Alexa what she has on that day.

Whole Foods

Amazon owns Whole Foods, and any Prime member who buys select products at Whole Foods will receive exclusive discounts on Prime Day. Another perk is that when you shop with Whole Foods, you can receive an additional 10% off select sale items.


What is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save?

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program is ideal for all household items you have to restock regularly, such as toothpaste, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc. You never pay for standard shipping, and there’s no associated fee or commitment. You use it if and when you want to and can cancel a subscription at any time.

How to Use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

Using Subscribe & Save is simple. Let’s say you log in to your Amazon account to shop for laundry detergent pods. It pulls up a list of options. You click on the one that most interests you. If it is eligible for Subscribe & Save, Amazon will tell you so.

If you look to the right of the product listing, a Subscribe & Save item will indicate both a one-time purchase price and a Subscribe & Save price. You will also have a drop-down to select the quantity you want to schedule and the frequency.

So, say it’s August. You need the laundry detergent pods right now, but you know you’ll run out of them in two months. Using the drop-downs, you tell Amazon to send you more every two months. (See the screenshot above.) By scheduling future deliveries, you save at least 5% on the order you place that day (for August delivery) as well as on the items you’re going to receive every two months.

The schedule doesn’t have to be the same for all your items. If you need a 24-roll pack of toilet paper once a month, you can ask for monthly delivery while having the laundry detergent pods sent every two months.

Subscribe & Save can save you money, stress, and time. Once you tell Amazon to send you laundry detergent every two months, there’s no trying to remember or running out because you forgot to pick it up. It just shows up. This also means you can go straight home instead of buying the toilet paper after work or getting laundry detergent late at night because you’ve run out and have no clean clothes for work. What if your teenager comes home from camping with mud-drenched everything, and you know you will run out sooner than expected? No problem. Login to Amazon and update your schedule. You can switch it back once you receive your delivery.

Tips for Saving More

Here’s how you can ring up even bigger savings with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save.

  • Quantity discount — Have five or more items in a shipment and receive a 15% discount.
  • Coupons — Even Amazon is getting in on the coupon craze. Clip these when you check out and save even more. They are often applicable only for the first time you purchase a particular Subscribe & Save product, but the savings can add up on that first purchase. Check for Amazon coupons whenever you add a new item to your subscription list.
  • Check for Add-ons — These are small items that Amazon lets you add to your Subscribe & Save order without paying for shipping when you place an order of $25 or more.
  • Price Checking — The fact that your favorite hand soap is eligible for Subscribe & Save doesn’t mean it’s the best price. Compare the Amazon price to the cost at your grocery store or discount store. Don’t do it just once. Do it regularly. Prices fluctuate at Amazon and in brick-and-mortar stores. A slightly higher price on Amazon may be worth it just for its convenience coming right to your door, but keep an eye on sales and fluctuating prices in stores in your area and make sure it makes sense to continue ordering each item on Amazon. You can edit your order up to several days before your order ships. Amazon will tell you the exact deadline for doing this. You can even skip a month if needed.
  • Money-saving apps — Download an app like Honey to ensure the Subscribe & Save price each month is the lowest possible price. You download Honey once, and every time you go to a shopping site, it searches for better deals on the site and coupon codes that you can use. Honey is a good idea anyway because even if you have chosen the best deal and can’t find any coupon codes, you often get cashback points you can redeem later.
  • Use the Amazon credit card. You’ll get 5% of your Amazon purchases back with the Prime Store Card. Use the Prime Rewards card, and you’ll get that plus 1% to 2% back on purchases made from merchants besides Amazon.

Amazon’s vast selection is a great place to check when it’s time to make any purchase. By using their Subscribe & Save service, you can save even more on the items you buy regularly. Use the tips above and maximize the cash you keep in your pocket.

Amazon Returns At Kohl’s

Everyone loves shopping on Amazon. They have just about anything you could ever think of that you need or want. Shopping on Amazon is super easy and convenient, but the return policy is also amazing. You can return most items with a liberal return policy. But let’s think about it. You have to package it up, bring it to the post office, and possibly stand in line. That makes your shopping experience not quite as enjoyable, right?

Well, Kohl’s is changing the game and handling Amazon returns! I think you’re going to LOVE this! Amazon has partnered with Kohls, and Kohls will handle all your returns! Don’t even box it up! We tried it out today, so we can tell you step by step what to expect! You even get a little extra perk for using the service.

Here are four easy steps (and a bonus tip) you will need to make an Amazon return at Kohls!

  1. Start the return process in your Amazon account. Select return or replace items in the items under “my orders” and select which items you need to return
  2. Amazon will email you a QR code to the email address associated with your Amazon account.
  3. Print that code or have it ready to pull up on your phone. Bring the item to your nearest Kohls. Returns are handled at the customer service counter where you return Kohl’s items or do store pick up.
  4. You’ll get a coupon like the one we scored today! (Below)
  5. Don’t forget to check out our huge list of Kohl’s Tips and Tricks: save money, get more coupons, free shipping, coupon codes, and more!

Can you use coupons on Amazon?

Yes, you can use coupons on Amazon. Amazon has a coupon center as well as you can clip a coupon on an item that you plan on adding to your cart.

Does Amazon Have Coupons?

Yes, Amazon has both coupons and promo codes. For your convenience we post a new list each day.

How do I know what coupons are available on Amazon?

You must be signed in to see what coupons are available. There are a few ways to find coupons. If you are shopping for a certain item, if there is a coupon available, you will have the option to clip the coupon and item to your cart. If you want to see what coupons are available, once you are signed in, there is a tab at the top of the screen that says coupons. Click on that, and you can view and clip the coupons you want to use.

Can I have items delivered to my house automatically from Amazon?

Yes, you can have items delivered to your home automatically with Amazons Subscribe and Save. You can set up regular deliveries, and get up to a 15% discount on your subscribe and save order.

How do I apply a promo code to my Amazon order?

Once you are in the cart, under payment method you can apply a valid promo code.

How long are Amazon coupons valid?

Coupons are valid for a limited time only. Some restrictions may apply, and Amazon does reserve the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time.

Can I get Free shipping on my Amazon order?

Yes, you can get free shipping if your order includes at least $25 in eligible items. Amazon Prime members get free two-day shipping on their orders.

Can you use more than one coupon or promo code on your Amazon order?

Yes, you can use multiple coupons on your order as long as you have qualifying items that match the coupon. You can also subscribe and save and save even more. Most Amazon coupons are available to use on one item.

Can I get an Amazon Prime Membership for free?

If you are not an Amazon Prime member and haven’t been one for 12 months, you can sign up for a free trial membership.

Can I share my Amazon Prime Member benefits with my family?

Amazon Prime allows you to share some benefits with one other adult in your household. See Amazon for more details

How do I see Amazon Price Drops?

Amazon price drops are hard to spot. For your convenience we have a list of the biggest price drops we update each day

Is Amazon Prime Worth it?

That depends on how often you order and how much you like the digital content. For me it is a no brainer for the free shipping alone. Shipping costs surely add up and this saves you from worrying about paying extra each time you order.

Is Amazon Safe To Order from?

Amazon protects your purchases even from third parties so your money is safe.

How much does Amazon Prime Cost?

Amazon Prime at currently costs $139.00 Per year or $14.99 per month as of 2022

Yes We Coupon