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Walmart is famous for beating its competitors’ prices. But what if we told you that there is a way to save even more money when shopping there? We have two words for you – Walmart coupons. Try them, and we guarantee that you will never go back to your previous shopping routine!

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Walmart Promo Codes For Even More Stupendous Savings

Now we offer additional savings and discounts on products already discounted at the low Walmart cost. We want to help you save time and money on weekly Walmart specials by using our discount Walmart coupons today. We keep an eye on the latest and greatest deals, so you don’t have to. Now you can find them all below in one convenient spot making it easier to shop and save. This is a great way to stack the savings!

One-Stop For Your Online Walmart Coupons

Now you’ll never miss an online Walmart discount again. Want to know How? Our site updates every five minutes with the top 25 new coupon codes available to use right away! Want to get these great deals even faster? We have a free app available for download so you can keep up with all the savings available right in the palm of your hand. We made all of our Walmart coupon codes very convenient for you right at your fingertips; now that’s a deal!

Start Saving Money Today

Now’s the time to start saving, and we want to do all we can to help you save and score big! Now you don’t have a moment to lose. Scroll through to see all your coupon codes that are available now!  And make sure to download our free app to start seeing your savings pile up and save no matter what you’re doing!

Unlike other stores, that primarily focus on weekly or promotional sales, Walmart makes sure its customers save all day every day. For example, it is the only retailer that pays overage for coupons. This means that if the coupon price is higher than the actual price for a product, you can use the extra money to pay for other items in your cart, get a cashback or a gift card.

5 reasons to use Walmart discounts?

1. Save money on necessities
Use coupons for products that you use daily like toilet paper or toothpaste. There can never be too much of these products in stock. Especially, if you have a large family.
2. Try new products
Humans are creatures of habit. Consumers are often reluctant to try new things and replace their time-tested products with fresh alternatives. With Walmart coupons, you get an opportunity to test goods for free or half-price.
3. Splurge for less
Hunt for promotional deals on pricier products that you normally don’t buy. This way, you can splurge on a budget.
4. Gain financial freedom
Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? If yes, try couponing to save on the products that you absolutely can’t cut out of your shopping list. Use the accumulated finances to pay your bills on time and finally start a savings account.
5. Shop like a millionaire
When asked how to become rich, modern millionaires say that it is a frugal lifestyle that helps them save a lot of money. Rich people prefer to collect and invest money rather than spend it on luxurious items. In fact, many millionaires admit that they regularly use coupons and shop in dollar stores.

How to find Walmart online promo code deals?

Gone are the days when one needed to hoard newspapers and save clippings. The world of technology has reached coupons too. Our website is called to help you keep up with promotional sales and order Walmart coupons online. We find the best deals and offer them to you. All you have to do is print out the coupons and shop away!

How to find Walmart hidden Clearance? That is the question.  We are here to help you figure that out.  It’s no secret that Walmart has some of the best clearance deals around. While these deals are great, when found, it can be difficult to sot these clearance deals in the store!

This leaves many consumers wondering how to find these hidden Walmart clearance items,  We’re here to let you in on a few tips and tricks that will help you find the items you need while putting a few extra dollars back into your pockets.

When Is Walmart Clearance Marked Down?

Walmart, like many other retailers, sends out an ad that publishes the deal items for the week. However, they don’t let customers know when they will be marking items as clearance. Knowing when items will be marked down can help you better plan your trip to your store.

Looking to get first dibs on the new clearance items at Walmart? It’s best to go either the day of or the day after clearance has been marked down. In Walmart stores, all clearance items are marked down and put out within the first five days of every month.

Within these five days, you’re going to get the widest selection of Walmart hidden clearance items. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage while you can before everyone else gets wind of this.

How to Find Walmart Hidden Clearance Items?

There are tons of ways to answer how to find Walmart hidden clearance items. Some will take some searching on your part, like taking time to browse the lower shelves in the store, and others aren’t as challenging, such as using the app to find where the clearance items are. Brickseek is a great source for looking online for these items.

If you’re looking for a specific place to fill you in on all the deals Walmart and other retailers have to offer, use the deal finder tab on Glitch N Dealz. We know what it takes to sniff out a good deal and help you save money.


Walmart Clearance Online Shopping Hack!

Walmart has some of the most amazing clearance, especially after the Holidays!   If you shop Walmart clearance deals online, anytime of the year and want the best clearance price that can be found, check out this HOT hack below!

We have broken Walmart and have figured out how to get the cheapest priced items shipped directly to you!   Walmart clearance is always based on your locations.  Some bigger locations may have items marked down for $2.49 while your location may be at $4.99!   Now you can get those cheaper deals shipped to you without paying your location price!  How cool is that?!  This breakdown will save you a ton of money all while shopping for the items you need.   Not just after Holiday clearance, but clearance on bedding, towels, furniture, kids toys and so much more!   Just follow the steps below to score your needed items for CHEAP!

First you will want to search search and search!  Search big locations, for example places in California, New York, Texas.   They usually have the cheapest items being bigger places!   I personally live in New Hampshire, and many items don’t go as low as items out in California!   You can change the zip codes online at  Seen in the picture below you will see my current area is Tilton Supercenter.  If you click on that you will be able to enter in different zip codes to check prices on items your looking for!

Here is an example of finding the same exact product, but in two different areas!   The first one is under the Tilton Supercenter location, and the second is a store out on California!  Why wouldn’t you want to get the cheapest price possible!!!

The next step is going to be super easy!  Just add the item to your cart from the cheapest location.   Then, at checkout you will notice that the item is being shipped to wherever you found it in the cheapest location.  However, Walmart offers items to be “shipped as gifts”.  Before checkout out, make sure to SELECT THAT OPTION! (as pictured below)  Continue to checkout and enter in YOUR shipping address!  At the end, you will pay for the items at the cheapest price, shipping to you!

Walmart Glitch Deals and Price Mistakes!

Looking for a Walmart Glitch? Then you will be happy to know we have found some glitches that are Amazing right now! So all you need to do is click on the blog posts below and read our step-by-step instructions on how to get the deal! Walmart has online and in-store glitch deals or price mistakes so we want to keep you updated as best as we can. So these deals can be for everyone and some may be a YMMV deal or manager’s discretion. Remember that YWC is here to inform you of the hottest price mistakes at Walmart to help you save money!

These deals may or may not be available when you see this. So be sure to check all of them as some of the deals could be dead.  So be sure to check out your local Walmart for the absolute best deals and Walmart Glitches. Also we want to mention that you will need to check the in store items below at multiple Walmart stores. In addition you will want to look at not only the clearance section but also in the regular departments and scan scan scan.  Furthermore you will want to have an associate check the back room for the item you are looking for.

If you look at the definition of glitch, it is a sudden, temporary malfunction, or irregularity.  At times there are stores that may create glitch deals or price errors to move a product fast.  Yep, I said it; some glitches are actually intentional.  However, there are glitches and price errors that are not intentional.

Walmart Inventory Stock Checker Tool (BRICKSEEK)

This tool is exactly what it’s name describes. It’s used to show you what’s available and in stock, but also sourced the market for the trending best Walmart deals. All you need to do is choose a Walmart location and check the inventory for the Walmart deals of the day.

The Walmart Stock Checker Tool Is Available ON OUR APP.

Walmart Holiday Clearance

One of the best deals at Walmart? Post-holiday clearance. The ultimate opportunity to get holiday items is the week following directly after the holiday! If you get your holiday decor and other festive items they will be marked down 50-90% off! Buy them and save for next year! Shop Now.

Rollbacks VS Clearance- If you come across any item on rollback, grab it! That price is a sale and it will go back up to normal price! Clearance items will continue to drop in price if not sold, and will not go back to normal price! Shop Walmart Rollbacks
Online Clearance- Finding online clearance is as easy as opening the Walmart app and searching “clearance” from there you can refine the search how over you want! Shop Online Clearance
Clearance Mark Down Dates- Most items being put on clearance will be marked down during the first couple days of the month! After the first week, you’ll find less items on clearance since they’ve been bought, so get in earlier in the month!
Expiring Items- If you find items, especially produce that goes bad within a day or two, you can ask an associate for a discount!
Clearance Locations- Most Walmart stores will put their clearance items in the same locations every time. Learn your store locations and always check them!

Pro Tip: How to Order Walmart Clearance From Your Home

Here are the steps to narrow your Walmart clearance shopping down to a science. When someone posts an item and SKU they found on Clearance, don’t drive to the store to look for it (yet)! It takes only a couple of minutes, but you can buy it at clearance price online, with in-store pickup. If it’s available and on clearance at your local Walmart store.


  1. Get the SKU of the item. (Someone will post it, or go to and search for the SKU by matching up the picture someone posts to products on

  2. Check prices of this item at your local Walmart stores by going to

  3. Put in the SKU and your Zip Code.

  4. Take note of which store the Clearance Price has been listed.  Chances are it could be in-stock at another store near you.

  5. If the item shows up with the clearance price, you’re in luck, go to step 7.

More Steps

  1. If the item shows as not available in your area, or it shows the regular price instead of clearance price, that means the item is not in clearance in your area (yet), so you’re not in luck.

  2.  Go to, and enter the SKU in the search bar. The item should show up if your local Walmart has the item Marked down.

  3. Select the “Store Pickup” option on the product page

  4. If the item says it’s available for pick up today, and the store available matches the ones with the Clearance price you found on The Inventory Checker.

  5. Re-verify the store price on On the top menu on, click on “My Local Store”. Enter the zip code of the store you found that has in stock in step 8, click on the link to that store.

  6. Enter the SKU in the search bar again.

  7. The clearance item should show up with the price in that store. Now you can order it online at at the full price, and select store pickup at the store that has the clearance price.

  8. When you go to pick up your item, they will adjust the price down to the clearance price. The difference will go back onto your credit card.

  9. (Bonus) When they adjust down the price, they don’t refund you the sales tax you paid at the full price. What you can do is do a return, and re-buy at the return counter. You will then only pay the clearance price plus the sales tax on the clearance price.

    Special Thanks To:

    ** Special thanks to Janiele, Regis, Tiffany, and Kimberly from our Walmart Clearance Finders group for the pictures!


Walmart already has some amazing deals for everyday items, but Clearance shopping at Walmart is Amazing.  Score Walmart Clearance finds online and in store. Walmart Clearance shopping in store can be fun.  Searching for the next best clearance deal is the thrill of the hunt.  Walmart stores do not mark items down at the same time, so it is best to check often.  Our Team at Yes We Coupon, loves to shop Walmart Clearance in-store.  Be sure to follow Yes We Coupon so you never miss Walmart Clearance Deals.

If you want to score mega savings on Walmart clearance, you need our top tips to score Walmart Clearance! Score items for 90% off to even a few PENNIES by hunting for Walmart clearance.

Follow These Steps

  1. When to find markdowns: Check all your local area stores for the most markdowns within the first 5 days of a new month.
  2. Where to find clearance: This will vary by store. Some stores have dedicated areas for clearance (my area is the back left of the store) and others mix their clearance and markdowns in the regular sections where the item is located. Always scan the item especially if you have seen Yes We Coupon or members of our Walmart Clearance Glitches and More Group post about certain items. Much of the time I have found clearance is NOT marked unless it has been moved to the designated clearance section.
  3. Shop After Holidays for up to 90% off: Score up to 90% off holiday items like wrapping paper, gift bags, holiday themed clothing and more! Check right after a holiday has passed. Most stores start at 50% off the next day and will slowly tick its way up to 90% off until gone.
  4. Learn What Those Price Tags Mean — A price ending in $.00 (eg $15.00) indicates clearance. Regular prices end with an $0.06 or $0.08.

Checking Inventory

  • Look at your local Store’s Inventory Online — Much of the time when you see an awesome deal in our Walmart Clearance Glitches and More Group the member will post the SKU (item #) of the item. So what can you do with that info? Glad you asked! You can plug in that number right at Walmart online and it may tell you if your store has it marked down OR if you can still get it online – possibly at the clearance price. Even better, Yes We Coupon has their own clearance tracking tool you can plug the SKU into and see local results. No inventory tracker is 100% accurate due to theft, damage or inaccurate reporting from the stores. But it is still another step you can take before you make a run to the store blindly.

Walmart In Store Clearance Disclosure: Clearance in store is YMMV meaning what is on clearance at one store may not be at another. Clearance items and prices vary widely by region and even city to city. Check your stores often and if it is not marked, scan at the self service scanner or on your Walmart App. You can also check out our Walmart Coupons for more deals.

How I Find Walmart Glitches 101:

Be aware these are one persons thoughts and opinions on how she finds deals. Thank You Sarah

Okay so I’m new to glitching and like many of you have been trying to figure out how to find my own deals as well so I can share in the future on here. This is not perfect but may help guide some. This is specific to Walmart.

The Breakdown

  • Pull up Walmart website or app. Since I usually have my phone when I’m relaxing in bed or while watching tv, I use the app. Whatever you prefer
  •  Go to a category, for example Electronics. Then narrow it down. For example, laptops or kindle.
  •  You will then see items listed. If you search under Walmart online you will see filters such as Brand, etc and price. Select price and price range. When looking for low price glitches I usually look in $0 to $50 range. Then hit apply and you will see items. Once you find something of interest look at normal price and to me if it is a deep discount I bookmark the page and either buy or go back later. Personally I use this method least.

How to Get ALL of the Walmart Clearance Deals – All Of Your Questions Answered!

How you find these sales? We recommend following our group at  to get the latest deals.

Will my store have that clearance price? Find out from home! Open your Walmart Savings Catcher app and search the SKU. Once you do that click on “in store.” You will see prices listed for stores near you.  You can also see store prices listed under the online price on The most accurate method is to go to your store and look in person. The people that get to the store the fastest are getting the deals.

How do you find a SKU?

You can do that 2 ways:

First is using the WM app search for the item then follow the pictures the last underlined number is the SKU

Second using Just like in the last picture the SKU is the last number in the web address online. If you go search for the item on once you find it the SKU will be in the URL

It says full price on the shelf what do I do?

Scan, scan, scan many times clearance prices are not marked. You should find a wall scanner and price check it.

If it’s out of stock online can u price match it at the store?

Sometimes, you can always price match something that is in stock and sold by Walmart in the store. It is up to the store manager whether they will match out of stock items. Just be careful and make sure it says that it’s sold by Walmart. They will NOT price match any 3rd party sellers.

My store has the clearance price but it’s out of stock.

If I buy online to pick up in store will they price adjust to the stores clearance price? The easy answer is no. However, we have seen cases where members have brought the lower price to the attention of the cashier and they discounted it for them. This is an exception and not the rule. You can always ask though. You will have to return and rebuy the item.

My store has the clearance price and it’s in stock. What do I do next?

Go to the store and buy it!

What do these acronyms mean? 

Go here to get a list of frequently used acronyms .

Now we offer additional savings and discounts on products already discounted at the low Walmart cost. We want to help you save time and money on weekly Walmart specials by using our discount Walmart coupon codes today.

Does Walmart accept mobile coupons?

Walmart does not take digital coupons however you can still use rebate apps such as ibotta with a Walmart offer.

How do I get Walmart coupons? offers money-saving coupons that you can print and use at your local Walmart store. From the navigation bar, select the Services icon. Select Get Inspired and then Weekly ad from the drop-down. Search for a store using your zip code. Select Coupons. Check each coupon you would like to print. Select Print Coupons.

How do I use a promo code on Walmart?

Sign in or create a account (guest accounts cannot use promo codes) Add eligible items to your cart. Each promotion varies in what is eligible and the minimum order, see that promotion’s Terms and Conditions for details. … During checkout, select Apply Promo Code, enter code and select Apply.

How do I get free shipping at Walmart?

Add eligible products to your cart. Look for shipped by Walmart on the product’s page. Shipping fee waived at checkout. Even if your order total is under $35, the shipping fee will be waived at checkout on Get your items. Your order will be shipped to you by Walmart.

How do I sign up for a Walmart registry?

To create registries on Go to any page. Select Registry and Lists from the top blue menu bar. Create or manage a registry by filling out the information and following the prompts. Share registries via Facebook or email.

What is Walmart's shipping policy?

Walmart offers free next day and two-day delivery on selected items online. However, most products qualify for free shipping when you spend $35 or more. Alternatively, become a free Walmart Plus member to receive unlimited free shipping and eliminate minimum spending.

What is Walmart's return policy?

Walmart’s return policy Our easy returns allow you to conveniently return items for free by mail, a scheduled pickup from your home, or in-store. Normally, items purchased in our stores or on may be returned or exchanged within ninety (90) days of purchase with or without a receipt.

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