Walgreens Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit!!!

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Walgreens is a go to pharmacy for many people.  Walgreens is widely spread out in many of the States and has a very popular Pharmacy and rewards program.  There is a new Class Action Lawsuit against Walgreens and their Pharmacy due to a data breach.  If you are a member of Walgreens and use their Pharmacy this is one Class Action Lawsuit that you will want to follow.

According to this Lawsuit, Walgreens failed to keep private customers personal information.  When they found out that there was a data breach, they also failed to inform the customers immediately and waited to long.  The company ended up waiting two months to let their customers know if their data had been breached.  As a result of this data breach, over 50% of the customers lost their health coverage and 1/3 said their insurance premiums went up. If you were a member of the Walgreens Pharmacy, and fell victim to this data breach, click the more info button below to follow, you may just end up being owed money!!!


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