65 Referral Programs To Join – For FREE Money, Clothes, And MORE!

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Referral Programs to Earn FREE Money, Credits, and MORE!

Referral Programs are a great way to earn free money, credits for that site, clothes, beauty items and so much more! We have searched high and low to compile this amazing list of 65 different referral programs for you to sign up for and start referring today. These are broken up into different categories like Referrals that earn you cash or gift cards, Referrals for stores, and Referrals for credits to use on that site. Each program is different and bonuses or referrals are different so keep that in mind while going through this list. I actually learned about a few new referral programs I never knew about!

Referral Programs That Earn Cash or Gift Cards:

Ebates– Ebates has switched names to be known as Rakuten. A lot of us still know this company as Ebates, a cash back site with awesome referral bonuses. Rakuten offers you 2%-to 30% cash back just for shopping online at your normal stores. You can even connect your credit or debit cards to earn cash back in stores. And we have seen their referrals go as high as $40 per person referred. The amazing thing about this referral is you have unlimited referrals you can earn! Your referrals must earn a cash back themselves for you both to get the bonus. GO HERE to sign up now! Cash out is via a check sent in the mail. Or you are given the option to turn it into a gift card.

RebateMe – RebatesMe is very similar to Rakuten, RebatesMe is a cash back site for shopping online. The offers vary but 2%-30% is typical. RebatesMe also has a referral bonus that varies, currently is $10 per referral but we have seen this as high as $20. Your referred friends must earn at least $10 in cash back for you both to get your bonus. GO HERE to sign up now! Cash out is through Paypal.

Inbox Dollars –Inbox Dollars is a great way to do activities, play games, and read messages to earn money. Just for signing up you get a $5 bonus and  just complete the activities to earn more. You can cash out via PayPal. You earn a referral bonus for everyone you refer. GO HERE to sign up

Ibotta- Ibotta is an app you download and scan your grocery receipts to earn cash back. Select offers for free items or cash back on things you purchase when you grocery shop. The offers will vary each month but you can even score cash back on alcohol purchases with this app! Additionally you can still use coupons at the store as this cash back app just tracks to make sure the item was purchased. You earn a referral bonus for each person you add to your team and you can continue to earn bonuses the more they use the app. CLICK HERE to sign up now.

Chase Bank- When you refer friends to sign up for a Chase branded credit card you earn a bonus. With these credit cards there are also Disney Credit cards for those planning a trip to Disney and Starbucks Credit Cards. Each card is a different bonus and there is a limit of 5 people referred per year for these. Additionally once in awhile Chase will offer a bonus for referring friends to sign up for a bank account with them. GO HERE to learn more.

SoFi- SoFi is a banking and loan app that you can download. It is also an investing app to help you save each month. You can use this as a bank account and get your paycheck early, plus use to keep track of all your loans and debt and pay off straight from the app. You can refer friends a few different ways: By getting them to sign up for a bank account or bt getting them to invest each month. Referral bonuses change often but you are limited to how many you can refer. Payout on this one is straight into your SoFi account. GO HERE to sign up.

Turbo Tax- Turbo Tax is an online tool to file your taxes. Right now you can earn a $25 bonus for each friend you refer and they get up to 20% off their tax filing fees. The IRS has already said that when you file taxes electronically you can get them back faster than paper returns. Turbo Tax helps you input all your data and get you the maximum return possible with your income. They even suggest all kinds of tax breaks you may not have considered. I have used them for years to file my own taxes online and love the company. CLICK HERE to sign up for Turbo Tax

Acorns- Acorns is an investing app, this app takes the spare change from all of your purchases and puts it into a savings account for you. That means if you spend $3.54 on coffee, the $0.46 leftover gets transferred into a savings account. This is a great way to save money for the holidays each year. Refer friends for bonuses as high as $1000! The referral bonus changes often, but they do have to invest a certain amount and connect their bank account for you to earn the bonus. GO HERE to sign up.

Coinbase- Coinbase is a Crypto trading site. And you get a FREE $5 in Crypto to get started and you can buy or trade Crypto. Refer friends for free Crypto and there does not seem to be any limits on referrals. GO HERE to sign up.

Dosh- Dosh is another cash back app and the referral program is $5-$10 per sign up. But you and your friend has to link a valid credit or debit card to get the bonus. Dosh offers cash back for travel and hotels, and online purchases. The card you link also tracks cash back for shopping at a grocery store or restaurant. GO HERE to sign up

RebateKey- is another online cash back site similar to Rakuten. Earn a FREE $5 reward just for signing up and another $5-$10 bonus for referring friends. They also offer exclusive Amazon deals and coupons. GO HERE to sign up.

Rebaid- Rebaid offers tons of rebates on products. You can even score FREE items after the rebate. This has all kinds of offers like coffee, beauty, health, and more. Each rebate has a limited number of rebates available to do. Simply click on the one you want and follow the directions to grab yours! Rebates are paid out in 3 days. Referrals earn you a bonus, although the amount is unknown. Click HERE to sign up

KashKick- KashKick has surveys online to complete for rewards. They also offer different tasks you can do for rewards. Additionally when you refer friends you earn 25% off their income through their lifetime. And that adds up over time when you refer a lot of people who complete surveys and tasks. GO HERE to sign up.

PrizeRebel- This is a survey site that also has offers you can complete for points. Points are then redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards. This app has a bunch of surveys you can do and the income adds up over the year. Referrals grant you a percentage of everything the other person makes for the lifetime. GO HERE to sign up.

Slide Cash Back- Slide is another cash back app, but this one is a bit different. This app works as a payment method in 400 stores, just connect a debit or credit card and use slide to pay. Each purchase earns you 4% cash back and that does not change. Additionally first time users or referrals get $30 credit which is spread out to $5  off 4 orders. The referral credit is $5 per person you refer up to $20. While it may not seem like much, combine that with these other Referral Programs and you can be making CLICK HERE alot! to sign up.

BeFrugal- BeFrugal is another cash back site that offers 2% to 30% for online stores like Reebok, Nike, Sephora and more. Referrals are $10 to $15 each but the other person must earn that amount back in cash back before you get your bonus. Payout is via PayPal. GO HERE to sign up now!

Dollar Dig- Dollar Dig is another cash back site for online shopping. The offers range in % cash back or straight $ for certain purchases. For instance Cheap O Air has $9 cash back no matter what you spend while The Bouqs is 3% cash back. Sign up now for a bonus and share your referral link. Cash out is at $25 minimum on this one. GO HERE to sign up

Top Cash Back – Top Cash Back offers sign on bonuses like $10-$25 to spend at certain stores to get free stuff. Top Cash Back has recently offered a FREE $25 to spend at Walmart, once you spend that amount online and Top Cash Back verifies that, you will score $25 cash back! Additionally refer friends for these offers and score a $10 bonus per friend! There does not seem to be any limits on referrals and payout is via PayPal or check. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

ShopKick – Shopkick gives you kicks or points just for walking into stores. Additionally they will give you offers to scan products in store or take pictures for more kicks. Then turn the kicks into gift cards! Referrals are limited to 100 people to earn you 25,000 in kicks which is equivalent to a $25 gift card. GO HERE to sign up.

Fetch- Fetch is like Ibotta in a way, Fetch will give you offers for things to buy in stores. But unlike IBotta, this will earn you points instead of cash. Additionally even if you do not take any of the offers to purchase things you can submit any reciept for points which are then turned into gift cards. Referrals will net you points and there does not seem to be any limit on how many you can refer. GO HERE to sign up.

Honey- Honey is an amazing cash back site online that I use often. What makes honey different is when you download the Chrome Extension, Honey will track the prices of items and let you know if you are getting a deal! I use this mainly on Amazon to see if the item is the lowest price, and I can also see the price changes from the past 30 days. This toll is a must have when shopping online, and at checkout it also has an option to input all the online coupons to score you even better savings. Honey gives you points for each online purchase that you can turn into gift cards and a $5 bonus for each friend you refer. GO HERE to sign up!

Raise- Raise is a gift card selling site/app. People will take their unwanted gift cards and sell them at a discount for you to buy. Typically you can score a few bucks off a full priced gift card, but sometimes you can score as high as 25% off. Refer friends to earn $5 credit to use towards gift cards. This referral does have a limit of $100 in credit per year you can earn and expire 6 months after you have earned. GO HERE to sign up.

CardCash- Card Cash is similar to Raise, people sell their unwanted gift cards for a lower price. Sign up now for a FREE $5 bonus to use on orders of $25 or more. Additionally when you refer friends, they get $5 off and you earn $5! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

Gift Card Granny- This is a gift card site but instead of discounted gift cards you can earn cash back on select gift cards. Referrals earn you a $5 credit to use on this site for gift cards and there does not seem to be any limits. GO HERE to sign up.

InstaGC- InstaGC is one of my favorite sites to use. You earn points for every task you complete like playing games, opening web pages, taking surveys and more. What is so cool about this site is 100 points is $1 cash out and you can cash out with as little as $1! Cash out is mostly gift cards but there is a PayPal cash out too. Refer friends for a bonus but you also EARN points from them the more they use the site! I have gotten quite a few gift cards from this site. CLICK HERE to sign up. This is another favorite Referral Programs

ExtraBuxs- This is another cash back site like Rakuten and the ones above. Referrals earn you a $5 bonus when they earn $5 in cash back. Additionally referrals will net you 5% off ALL their cash back for the first year! GO HERE to sign up

Fluz- This is another Cash back app that works as a network with your referrals. You earn a percentage of what they earn when they shop online. CLICK HERE to sign up

ySense- This is a survey site that also has cash offers when you complete tasks. When you refer friends you earn up to 30% of their lifetime earnings. GO HERE to sign up

Mr Rebates- Similar to Rakuten this cash back site also offers % cash back on over 4,000 stores online. Referrals earn you 20% of their first purchase. GO HERE to sign up

Cash App- Cash App is similar to PayPal. Send money to your friends and family instantly. This is also great for Bitcoin and Crypto if you are into that. Refer friends for a FREE $5 bonus over and over again! GO HERE to sign up

Self- SELF is such an amazing app to help build credit. Self offers you a loan as little as $25 a month to build credit. At the end of your year, you will get most of that loan back minus their fees. My credit score went up 100 points since using this app. Refer friends for a $10 bonus and help them improve their credit too! GO HERE to sign up!

Miles– Miles app gives you points or miles for every mile traveled whether it is through a car, walking, or a plane. Miles can then be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes online. The referral part on this is insane! Right now they are currently offering a FREE $200 Amazon gift card when you refer 5 friends. Those five friends must take 10 different 1 mile trips for you to get the gift card. Every 4 days the referral part changes from $75 up to $200 Amazon gift cards. GO HERE to sign up. This is my all time favorite Referral Programs

Store Credit Referral Programs

Some stores or companies offer rewards just for referring friends to them. This is a great way to save on your internet or phone bills, store purchases and more. These Referral Programs do require you to be a member or customer of the company to refer.

Sams Club- Sams Club offers a referral for every friend you refer who signs up for a membership. New members score freebies like cookies, rotisserie chicken, rolls and more when they first become a member. You earn a $10 gift card for each friend you refer. GO HERE to sign up.

Walmart+- Walmart + offers a $10 bonus when you refer friends to sign up. Walmart+ offers free shipping no minimum and sometimes exclusive deals only for Plus members. This past Black Friday Walmart+ members got early access to shop before the rest of us did. And there were even PlayStation 5s in stock that were exclusive to Walmart+ members. This is a great thing to have on hand, especially if you shop online at Walmart a lot. GO HERE to sign up!

AT&T- If you have AT&T keep an eye out for referral promotions. These happen every so often where you can score a FREE $25 credit towards your bill and your friend scores a FREE month of service. This is typically towards the Prepaid phone plans but can vary. Currently there are no new referral promotions out. GO HERE to read more about this.

T Mobile- T Mobile will pay you $50 per friend referred up to $500 a year. If you have T Mobile service you can find your referral link under your account information. GO HERE for more information.

XFinity- When you refer friends to Xfinity you can earn up to $175 in visa gift cards and up to $500 per year. Xfinity offers WiFi and TV Services and if you use them you can refer friends for your bonus. Click HERE to sign up!

Grubhub- Grubhub is similar to Door Dash where you can order online from local restaurants and have it delivered to your door. Credits through referrals are used towards delivery fees and some orders. CLICK HERE to sign up.


Other Referral Programs:

This is a list of other kinds of Referral Programs like stocks, free shoes and clothes, free cleaning supplies, free razors and more. While not all of these offer gift cards or cash, sometimes it is nice to get credit through referrals for other freebies too! These Referral Programs offer more than just cash to use and this is a great way to grab some Christmas gifts! Here you will learn about different Stock apps you can use. How to score FREE kids clothes and shoes all just by referring friends!


Robinhood- Robinhood is a stock trading app. When you sign up you can score a FREE stock worth up to $100! Plus refer friends and you get another free stock per friend. There is a limit of how many friends you can refer. With your stocks you can hold onto them or sell them. Once sold you can cash out via your bank. The stocks I have gotten in the past were for Facebook, Apple and an At&T stock. CLICK HERE to sign up now. This is one of my favorite Referral Programs

Smile Direct Club- This is a teeth straightening kit. When you refer friends you give them $100 off and you score $100! GO HERE to sign up.

Spanx- Spanx is a constricting undergarment or waist trainer site. When you refer friends they score 15% off and you score a $20 credit. CLICK HERE to sign up

Public.com- This is a crypto and Stock app. When you refer friends you score a FREE stock valued at $3 to $300! Your friend gets a free stock too. These stocks can not be cashed in for 90 days but it is a great way to earn money for free! GO HERE to sign up.

Tornado Investing- Another Stock trading app, this one is a bit different. There is a monthly $4.99 fee to pay but this app does teach you how to invest and trade wisely. They also offer you classes to learn about investing and pay you to learn! Referrals earn you both a cash bonus that you can invest or cash out. GO HERE to sign up

WeBull- This is a stock trading site and you score 3 free stocks when you sign up and fund your account. Refer friends for more free stocks and sell them to cash out. GO HERE to sign up

My Points- A Cash back site that earns you points to redeem for gift cards. Earn a FREE $10 bonus when you sign up and refer friends for another $10 bonus. CLICK HERE to sign up

Swap.com- Swap is an online consignment shop that sells name brand items for a discount. It is like a big online yard sale online with clothes and accessories. We found Michael Kors, Victoria Secret, Kate Spade and so much more on this site. Refer friends for a $10 credit per friend referred. The credits do expire after a few months so make sure to use yours! CLICK HERE to sign up now.

ThredUp- ThredUp is another online consignment shop that offers similar things like Swap. Additionally the referral is also $10 per person referred. GO HERE to sign up..

FabFitFun- This is a subscription box that comes out 4 times a year. The basic tier allows you to customize 4 items in your box and the top tier allows you to customize all. This box is a mix of health, beauty and pampering. They also sometimes have kitchen items included like new skillets, stock pots and more. These are all name brand items. Refer friends for credits to use towards your next box and they also get either $10 off their first box or a FREE starter box. Click HERE to sign up!

Grove- Grove has cleaning supplies that are better for the environment and cleans better than leading brands. Refer friends for a FREE $10 credit to use on the site. CLICK HERE to sign up

Dollar Shave Club- Dollar Shave Club is a mens and womans razor company that deliver each month. The first month you will get the Razor handle and refills and after that is just refills each month for as low as $5 a month. These razors are amazing! They have 5 blades and last a lot longer than most leading brands. Additionally Dollar Shave Club also offers their own line of Hair Care and after shave gel or cream. Credits through referrals are used on products on the site including towards your next box of refills. This is a great way to score FREE razors and refills through referrals. GO HERE to sign up.

Barkbox- Barkbox is a monthly subscription for your dog, these boxes come with treats and toys plus each month a new freebie is offered. We have seen free dog pajamas, free Yeti water bowl, Free double box and more. You can refer friends for free credits to use towards your next box. GO HERE to sign up.

Uber- Uber is a service like cab drivers in big cities. People use their own cars to pick you up from places like hotels or airports and drive you where you need to go. These are typically cheaper than a cab. The referrals on this is credit to use for future rides which does come in handy if you travel a lot or live in bigger cities. CLICK HERE to sign up!

Lyft- Lyft is another car service like Uber. Both companies have competitive pricing and are great to have on hand for traveling. Referrals are also credits to use on future rides with Lyft. GO HERE to sign up.

Door Dash- This company is a take out delivery service typically in bigger cities. With Door Dash you can order from local restaurants like fast food, pizza, Italian and more. The restaurants vary depending on your location, but they pick up your order and deliver to your door. This is great for those nights you do not want to cook but also do not want to leave your home. Credits are used towards the delivery fee and possibly your order. GO HERE to sign up.

Boxed- Boxed is an online bulk food site for canned goods, boxed goods, drinks and more. Think of Sams Club just without meats and fruits. You can buy bulk items cheaper then at Amazon or Walmart. This is a great way to score deals on things you use most often like nuts, cereal bars, ketchup and more. Referrals are credits you can use on the site to score freebies. GO HERE to sign up. This is another favorite Referral Programs

Boxy Charm- One of my all time favorite beauty subscription boxes. Boxy Charm offers a mix off full sized and sample sized items. Mostly, these are full sized. Each month you do score 1 Palette from name brands like Mac, Too Faced, Urban Decay and more. Additionally you score a mix of skin care and other beauty items like lipstick, eye lashes and more. With these referrals you get points you can then use on the add on section to score freebies from all the name brands. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Get Up Side- Get Upside is an app that gives you cash back for buying gas. You can then use your savings to score FREE gas, cash and more. This app is great to have on your phone to collect cash back each time you fill up. Refer friends for $0.25 off a gallon at select gas stations. GO HERE to sign up.

Stash- This is an investing app but more like a savings account. This lets you invest into yourself, your kids and more. When you refer friends you get a $5 credit to invest with and they get $5 too. There is a monthly fee to use this service but if you are serious about saving, this can help. GO HERE to sign up

Zulily- Zulily is an online shop that offers sales and deals from many brands like boxed, Lego, Reebok, Nike, Disney and so much more. The new deals update daily at 9 am EST for you to shop. And this site has everything! We have found cute matching mommy and me outfits, snow boots, Vera Bradley purses, food, Cute clothes, sheets for less than $20 and more. Refer friends for a FREE $15 credit to use on anything on Zulily. Credits do expire after a few months but there is no limit on how much you can earn. GO HERE to sign up. This Referral Programs has been a lifesaver!

FabKids – Fabkids is a monthly subscription for kids outfits and shoes. Each month your child will score a new outfit and shoes and you can even pick out the styles. This is a great way for your child to get new clothes throughout the year, or save these as a Christmas present each month. Referrals earn you credits to use on the site. Click HERE to sign up.

JustFab- JustFab is a referral for womans shoes but they also offer athletic clothes. JustFab has tons of new sneakers, heels, sandals, boots and more. When you refer friends you score a FREE $10 credit to use on new shoes, and this credit stacks so you can score a completely FREE pair. GO HERE to sign up.

ShoeDazzle- ShoeDazzle is owned by JustFab company and offers the same things. New shoes each month and referrals are the same. GO HERE to sign up now.

Hello Bello- Calling all Mamas or Moms to be, Hello Bello is a diaper and wipe company that offers a subscription delivered monthly. There are tons of designs of diapers to choose from and even baby health care like body wash and shampoo. Referrals earn credit to use on Diapers or Wipes or towards your next delivery box. CLICK HERE to sign up.

NCP- NCP rewards you for your opinions on items you purchase. You earn points for every task you complete and those points are then turned into gift cards, TVs, Keurig machine and more. Referrals earn you more points you can redeem. GO HERE to sign up!

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