Best Buy Closing Stores- Is Yours One?

Best Buy Closing Stores- Is Yours One?

Best Buy has announced closing of some retail stores, but the number that is closing is unknown at the moment. Amid the Pandemic, more and more shoppers are choosing to shop online and opt for curb side pickup. For Best Buy who roughly has 150 leases going up each year, they will be deciding which stores go and which stay but do have plans to cut back on stores that do not have much income coming in. Throughout these last two years more and more people have chosen to shop online for convenience and during the Pandemic.

While it is unknown which stores are closing and how many for this upcoming year, last year Best Buy

closed 12 stores in October and 6 more after that with plans to close more. What do you think of this? Will most places migrate to online shopping as actual physical stores dwindle away? Click the link below to read more about this.